Envelope Lining, Part Two

So, you’ve traced and cut…and cut some more!  Now you’re ready to do the actual lining of the envelopes. This is a pretty painless process…it takes awhile, but if you pop in a good movie or show to watch, the time goes by pretty fast.  I actually got so engrossed in working on them that I did all 150 straight through, with no break.  Here’s how to do it:

018After cutting, you’ll have a stack of envelope liners, like above.  I actually have two stacks because I ran out of one type of paper, so I switched to my back-up paper for the remainder of the liners.  They both harken to the dots in our design and match really well, so I wasn’t too concerned that they were different designs.

021Insert your liner into the envelope, and crease where the fold of the envelope is.  You could use a bone folder, but I found my finger worked just fine!  I also found that I had to trim the edges of my liners a little bit—you can see all the trimmings up there in the corner!  It just helped them lay flat in the envelope a bit better.


Once you’ve creased, fold the liner over and apply your adhesive.  I used a regular ol’ glue stick.  It worked like a charm!

020Press down to adhere, and voila!  A lovely lined envelope for sending your Save-The-Dates!

024Soon, you’ll have a stack of 150 of them.  Then you can get started stuffing and addressing!

Stay tuned for the big reveal—we are hoping to send these out at the end of this week! 

*All photos by me!


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