A Post for Sharing

Brie over at The Fit Bride has a great post up on her blog today:  Open Letter Thursday:  Stressed Bride Edition.  Basically, it’s an open letter that details some of the stereotypes people seem to have about brides and the way brides may be feeling.  Definitely harkens back to my “Having a Life” post.

Two of my favorite parts (certain things bolded by me for emphasis):

“3. It is certainly not “my day.”  It’s not even “our day.”  Weddings, like funerals, are less about the people they are for and more for the people attending.  We are trying our best to make our guests happy.  That’s not to say the wedding doesn’t suit our tastes and styles, because it does, but many of the decisions we have made have been for the benefit of others over ourselves.  So please don’t blame everything on our self-centeredness.  We have done our best to be gracious and accommodating to our guests.”


“5. Making decisions does not make me a bridezilla. Frankly, when given the option of, say, roses, peonies, and lilies, I would rather say just “peonies” and have the discussion over with than hem and haw and debate the merits of each flower for hours on end, asking every other person attending the wedding what they would prefer.”

It’s a great read and I think a lot of brides feel this way at one time or another, so go read it right now!


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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

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