STDs, Part Two: The Reveal

Our Save-the-Dates are finished!  Hallelujah.  They are going in the mail today so I am revealing them to you now!

Save-The-Date 001 Here’s what our guests will see when they receive their envelopes.  On the front is a custom envelope label that I made and ran through my Xyron.  The two fonts we used for the STD design are Girls Are Weird and Century Gothic.  Originally, I had wanted the labels printed in the Girls Are Weird font, but we decided to use Century Gothic instead because I was concerned that the GAW font would cause delivery problems.  On the back of the envelope are the custom monogram stickers (also created and Xyroned by me) with our initials and wedding date.  I LOVE these—I think they’re so fun!  I am hoping to incorporate them into our Out-of-Town Bags.

Save-The-Date 003
When guests open the envelope, they’ll hopefully take notice of the lovely envelope liners I slaved over made.  Who am I kidding?!  They probably won’t notice but that’s ok—I love the way they look.  This is one of two designs (I used two different types of wrapping paper). Pull out the Save-The-Date and…

Save-The-Date 004  Tada!  We went with design two, which had the dotted border.

Save-The-Date 005  Flip the postcard over and you’ll see the magnets my dad and I attached.

Save-The-Date 006
And here it is altogether!

Overall, I am thrilled with the way these turned out.  There are a few things I would change—namely, the font size.  I had the same issues Miss Scissors did in that when you create a design, then turn it into a PDF, then upload it to a website, a lot of times the fonts and resolutions will change.  I think the writing is a little small on the postcards, but overall, it’s not that big of a deal.  The dotted border didn’t work out as planned, either…it is way to the edge of the postcard and not framing the photo as I had hoped.  Oh well, these are both small things in the long run and I don’t really care!  These babies were a labor of love and I definitely learned a big lesson:  I will NOT be DIYing our invitation suite. Way too much work for my tastes!  However, I love how our Save-the-Dates turned out and I hope our guests will be super impressed love them too. 

Did you send Save-The-Dates?

*All photos by me.  Sorry the blurring sucks…does anyone want to teach me how to make those snazzy white bars or fun swirls to cover up personal information?!



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10 responses to “STDs, Part Two: The Reveal

  1. So cute! I agree–DIY is hard work, but I think we’ll still do it for the invites…though I plan to keep it SIMPLE!

  2. Stephanie

    They turned out super cute! Love the envelope liners!
    I had all these plans to DIY my save-the-dates and invites…I didn’t do either!

  3. They look great! love the pic of you guys!

  4. Love them! Great picture!

  5. They turned out great! I love the stickers on the back!

  6. Em

    They look fabulous! Love the liners. Oh, and I want to know how to blur better, too.

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