Hair & Makeup Inspiration

I am really looking forward to the upcoming weekend (how sad, it’s only Monday!!).  Bridesmaid K and I are getting together to work on some stuff for our upcoming dance recital (if you’ll remember, I teach ballet to 3 & 4 year olds, and K handles the older girls, ages 5-7).  Not only that, but we’ll be working on some wedding projects, too…namely, another hair trial and a makeup trial!

I will be getting my hair professionally done for the wedding, but K is helping me to define what style I’d like.  She is also, however, doing my makeup for the wedding, so I am excited to see what ideas she has!  Here are some of my inspirations for hair and makeup.  After my first hair trial, I showed you these:

Low Centered Chignon Back
A low centered chignon ala Miss Cowboy Boot

Hair 2
A bump-it style with pretty adornments…

Hair 1 
…And something with a little volume.

Here’s another new style I’m loving:

It’s actually very similar to the style we came up with at my last hair trial!

As far as makeup is concerned, I LOVE this look:



I love the idea of doing a red lip for the wedding.  It’s sassy and very “me.”  Yes, I know, it can sometimes look weird in black and white photos and I will probably  have to reapply a lot, but I trust my photog’s judgment and I think it will look great with my dress!

I also picked up a possible new hairpiece to try out recently, on sale for $7 at Banana Republic.  As you know, I have been questioning my hair flower and have decided that it’s just not what I am looking for, after all.  Hopefully this new piece will work great!

hair clip

It’s a bit smaller than I’d like (about the size of a silver dollar, maybe?), but it was very pretty so I snapped it up while it was on clearance.  I am thinking I will have the stylist tuck the hair clip under some hair, so the clip part is not actually showing and just the pearls and rhinestones are.  I’m not sure it’s the one I will end up using, but hey—I told you I’d get my pearls in there somewhere!

How did you decide on your look for your wedding?  Did it take you multiple accessories and trials, like me?


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