A Dress for My Little Lady (Take One)

So I’ve talked about my dress…and I’ve talked about my mom’s dress…and I’ve talked about the bridesmaid dressesbut I haven’t really talked about our flower girl!

This is my dear sweet goddaughter Cassidy:

Cass 1 
I can remember clear as a bell the day she was born, during the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  Cass is my cousin Erin’s daughter, and I spent every Friday of that senior year taking care of her for the day while Erin and her husband Frank were at work.  I’ve watched her grow up from a teeny-tiny little baby to a super-cute and sassy 5-soon-to-be-6-year-old.  Evidence:

Cass & Chase
(With her little brother, Chase.  Something tells me he doesn’t want to pose for the picture, haha!)

She’s an absolute doll, and we’re best buds whenever we’re together.  I knew when Brad and I got engaged that there would be no question who our flower girl was!  (Coincidentally, Brad also has a godson the same age, who will be our ring bearer—more on him at a later date.  It worked out perfectly that both of our godchildren will be in our wedding!)

If you’ll remember, our color palette is black, ivory, gold and red. 

The bridesmaids are wearing gold, but I thought it would be really cute and tie things together if Cass wore a red dress.  The primary criteria for the dress are that I’d like it to be inexpensive, match the formality of the wedding and red.  I have been looking all over the ‘net and I always peruse the girls’ section whenever I go shopping, but until last week, I hadn’t found anything that tripped my trigger.  Until this:

Flower Girl

I found this adorable flower girl dress at Overstock.com, and immediately ordered it in two sizes.  The best part?  At a cost of $37.99, it was a steal!

I received the dress in the mail a few days later, and sadly, it was not the right color.  I should have known, since despite its lovely red color in the picture, the description red “Flower Girl Dress in Burgundy.”  And burgundy it was!  Behold:



Alas, so cute, but just not the color I was looking for.  So for now, the dresses are on their way back to Overstock and it’s back to the drawing board for me. Stay tuned!

Are you having little ones in your wedding?  Where did you get their attire from?  If you have any suggestions for me, by all means, please share!

*All photos by me or Cass’ mom Erin, unless otherwise noted.  And yes, that is my office…and about 1/3 of the files I deal with on a daily basis.  Crazy, right?!



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6 responses to “A Dress for My Little Lady (Take One)

  1. Check out The Burlington Coat Factory. They always have some cute dresses.

  2. So cute! Too bad it’s in the wrong color! Wish I could be of help, but I have no clue lol. We’re not having a flower girl!

  3. LauraLou

    I was going to suggest Burlington too! They have a huge selection of children’s dress clothes.

  4. we had two flower girls — my niece & my cousin are the same age (they are 18 now!) — I was blessed to be born with a very talented mother who actually made their dresses for me. I went and got the materials, we picked a pattern and voila!

  5. That dress would be very simple to make. If you know any local seamstresses I don’t imagine having one made would be terribly expensive.

    You could always check etsy.com too. Lots of very talented people on the web.

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