Random Ramblings

It has been quiet around here this week and for that, I apologize!  Work has been massively insane, plus I have had other stuff going on behind the scenes which has all added up to not allow for much time for blogging or tweeting this week.  I promise things will be back to normal starting this weekend!  To tide you over, here’s a quick Friday round-up for you:

1) We booked our rehearsal dinner location!  I am thrilled to have another big thing crossed off the list.  We still need to finalize our menu, but yay!  Another thing done.  Big blog post coming up on this.

2) Also coming up next week—the next Fitness Friday!  I’ll be interested to see how my measurements and fitness tests have changed this past month.  I have been pretty consistent with workouts, but I know my eating hasn’t been great (hello, Easter candy).  I feel stronger though and that’s important.

3)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I recently revealed a secret confession:  I am obsessed with pregnancy/baby/mom blogs.  Seriously, I have to stop reading them—I love them so much!  We are no where near at the stage where we want to have children (so relax, Mom & Toby!), but it is so neat to see other women’s journeys.  I hope I can take cute belly pics and be half as cool as some of the moms I read.  A few of my favorites right now include:  That Wife, OMG! I’m a Mom, My Life in Transition (yay, local Milwaukeean!), and Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life.  All super cute and adorable mommies who also write intelligent and interesting posts.

4) I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson.  Wow, have you read this yet?  This was my book club’s choice for this month and let me tell you—amazing book.  It’s a mystery novel,  part of a trilogy, and it grabbed me right from the beginning.  I am going out on a limb and saying this is going to be THE book I recommend to people this year.  Last year’s favorite book to recommend was Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson (wow, two Larson books…though not spelled the same way.  Weird!).  If you haven’t read either of these, go pick them up.  You’re in for some good reads!

5) I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, which will surely give me great ammunition for blog posts.  This weekend, I will be doing a hair and makeup trial with Bridesmaid K, and Dr. Groomy and I will be starting our second registry (woot!).   I’ll also be working on some random projects that need to be blogged about as well.  And I finally have an update on the Ring Conundrum post, so look for that next week!

So, that’s that…a randomly busy week in the life of Amy:  work, rehearsal dinner research, a few workouts, and some baby blog & book reading.  Wow, I am boring.   Hope everything is well with you guys.  Have a great weekend!


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