Ring Conundrum: Finale!

So, remember the Ring Conundrum I posted about previously?   I’m back to give you the finale to the story!  A quick recap:  N is going to ask D to marry him, but wants it to be a complete surprise…yet he also wants her to love whatever ring she wears, because she is very particular about her jewelry selections.  N had four options he was considering in pursuit of the perfect engagement ring. If you’ll remember, they were:

Option A:  Buy a solitaire diamond.  This way she can still pick a different setting at a later time, but gets to have the sentimental value of always wearing the diamond he picked for her.
Option B: Buy a fake ring and take her shopping later.  Obvious pro of this is that she can then choose the ring she really wants.
Option C:  Buy her a birthstone ring, which he can use to propose and then she can wear on her right hand once they return and go shopping for the “real” ring.  A big con of this?  If he buys her a nice birthstone ring, it will cut into the budget for the actual ring—remember, he’s on  a set budget and isn’t moving from there.
Option D:  Pick the ring and setting all by himself, knowing that he knows her quite well and wants the opportunity to choose something beautiful for her.

Most of you who commented were on board with Option D…and I am happy to say that N reconsidered his original plan and decided to do what we thought he should:  he bought D a beautiful ring, shown here without the center stone, to propose to her with. 


They leave for their cruise in just a few days, and he plans to ask her then!  He’s already received approval from her parents (he took them out for dinner when she was at work last week), and he’s very excited (albeit extremely nervous) to propose.  Stay tuned for the epilogue of this story, after their cruise—when we find out if she said yes!

*As noted on the first post, I had permission to share this story from appropriate parties involved.



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3 responses to “Ring Conundrum: Finale!

  1. How exciting! Let us know how it all goes!

  2. Ali

    Booo. I liked option B better.
    Maybe Im just mad that EVERYONE in the world is getting married.

  3. Em

    Ooooh excitingggg! That ring actually looks a lot like mine so I’m sure she’ll be one *extremely* happy girl!

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