How to Keep Your Sparkler Sparkly

Materials Needed:

009 * jewelry cleaner—I got mine at a bridal show, but I’m pretty sure your jeweler should have given you at least a small bottle when your fiancé purchased your ring (at least, mine did!)
* electric toothbrush—note of common sense:  make sure you use a clean brush head (duh).  I keep a separate electric toothbrush just for this purpose.
* dish soap
* small dish for soaking
* your ring!
* and a soft cloth (not shown)

Step 1:  Pour a little jewelry cleaner into your soaking dish.


Step 2:  Let your ring soak for five minutes…no more, no less.  Five minutes, people—go file your nails or something while you wait!

004  For some reason, I always have the Jeopardy Think Music running through my head when I do this step!  Go ahead and play it, you know you want to:

Step 3:  Rinse.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SINK STOPPED IN CASE YOU DROP YOUR RING.  We don’t want any horror stories of sparkly diamonds going down the drain!


Step 4:  Place a little dish soap in the palm of your hand.


Step 5:  Using your electric toothbrush and said dish soap, shine that ring right up.


Step 6:  Rinse again, and dry with a soft cloth.

Step 7:  Admire how much your diamonds look like new again!


I usually do this routine once a week, and definitely before any special events (dinners out, etc.).

What are your tips for keeping your ring shiny and new?



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2 responses to “How to Keep Your Sparkler Sparkly

  1. Great tips! I just take mine to the jewlery store where my fiance bought my ring. It’s not too far and I get it done about once every couple months 🙂

  2. ErinFish

    Toothpaste and a toothbrush works awesome….Of course don’t use the same toothbrush to brush your teeth with 😉 It truly works….. try it!

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