Before…And After

Does anyone else classify their life right now as “before the wedding” and “after the wedding”?  I have a whole running list in my head of things I want to do after the wedding is over, and I am curious to see how many of you are the same way.

We’re in a bit of a lull in wedding planning right now (if you can’t tell from my, ahem, lack of wedding related posts).  May is going to be a busy month and I expect from here on out to be working on a lot of wedding things with most of my free time….which inevitably leads me to think about all the things I’d like to do with my free time after the wedding.  For example, I would like to:

* Buy a road bike and train for a Metric Century or Century bike race.

road bike 

* Take a cooking class. 

* Along those same lines, cook a gourmet meal—like, really cook something hard that is way out of the box for me.

Hmm, ok, maybe not that though.  Sorry, Julia!

* Take a cake decorating class.

* Go back to school?  Maybe to do this or this.

* Write a non-specific blog.  About anything and everything.  So far, all the blogs I have written have been really specific—about running, wedding planning, and weight loss.  I am excited to write a blog that’s just about my life—what we’re doing, the books I’m reading, etc.

* Run another half-marathonI ran a marathon once, and once was enough for me.  My body is much more suited to mileage of 16 and under, I’ve decided.  A half-marathon is perfect for me!

* Get back to playing the piano by taking lessons again.  First I need a piano though. 

Dr. Groomy and I are going to shop for the tuxes tonight, and we will be doing a cake tasting and invitations this weekend…so it’s back to the wedding grind for now.  But I know I can’t be alone in this type of thinking, so do tell:

What sorts of things are you planning to do “after” the wedding?



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4 responses to “Before…And After

  1. Em

    Definitely not alone. I think about the “after” all the time. Immediately after we’re going on the honeymoon. Then pretty much immediately after that I’m moving to Bethesda, MD where I’ll hopefully find a job, learn a new city, make some new friends, and enjoy the heck out of married life. I hear a lot about post-wedding depression, but I’m hoping I’ll be far too busy to worry about that. Your “after” goals are awesome, by the way!

  2. Just reread your marathon recap and started bawling. What an amazing accomplishment.

    I thought of my wedding as a changing point in life too. I think it is only natural. You will get all of those things done if you decide you really want them! Just focus on what you can now 🙂

    P.S. You should come do the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November or the Philly Rock and Roll pre wedding on September 19th.

  3. Great goals! I am starting a beginners adult calligraphy class tomorrow night which I’m pretty excited about! I would also like to play tennis more often, take a cake decorating class too, get more into crafting and helping host parties for $ and open an Etsy shop at some point! 🙂

  4. P.s. I think your next blog sounds great! 🙂

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