Jill & Noah’s Guest Book

You might remember my friend Jill—I just attended her bridal shower a few weeks ago.  While we visited, we were discussing our various wedding plans.  Jill mentioned to me a cute idea for a guest book, and that she was going to pay an Etsy seller close to $30 for it. 

(insert record scratching noise here)

WHAT?!  I immediately told her absolutely not—I would make it for her!  She was skeptical (admit it, lady—I know you were!), but sent me the link.  Today I finished the mock-up for it and without further ado…here it is!

The guest book is based on this inspiration photo:

guest book(Source)

Jill wanted to have cards that the guests could write advice and well wishes on.  After a guest completes a card, they will drop it into a vase filled with dried green peas to complement their color scheme.

This is my version:

Complete Set 

Some close-ups (please note, the green is much more muted in real life.  It looks really bright in these photos!):


Close-Up, Top

Close-Up, Bottom

And the card that guests will print their well wishes on (E is their last initial):


Everything was designed in Word.  The script font is my old favorite, Chopin script, and the typed font is Copperplate Gothic Light.  We are still working out some details—type of paper, possible addition of ribbon, etc.—but all in all, I think it looks great.  Plus, it’s made with love and much less expensive than buying it on Etsy (read: it’s free, since I made it for them)!  (No offense to all of the wonderful Etsy sellers, but why buy when you can make?)

Hmm, now we have to figure out what to do for our own guest book…

Are you having a guest book?  What are you using?



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4 responses to “Jill & Noah’s Guest Book

  1. I really wanted to do that for our rehearsal dinner, but that project never got finished.

  2. Amy you are amazing. Please teach me how to do all of these things!

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  4. Sterling Bullington

    I know this has been a few years ago…but we decided to do a guest book on a quilt!! Its super cute…We are going to have a quilt(that is plain but has our colors..no decoration on it) and hang it up we will have a small table next to it and a sign saying “please sign and send a thought” then people will just sign on the quilt…its super cute and we can decorate with it in our bedroom or living room!

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