Shopping for Wedding Bands, Round One

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the big show this cold and rainy Saturday afternoon in Wisconsin!  The arena:  a local jewelry store.  The event:  shopping for wedding bands.  Will this be a one-round bout?

In this corner, boasting 14 karat white gold and 14 princess cut diamonds to enhance the sparkle of the engagement ring, is “The Bling!”


And in this corner, boasting 14 karat white gold and no diamonds in order to better showcase the engagement ring, is “The Plain!”


Today’s bout will be reffed by non other than Mr. 14 Karat White Gold himself, “The Groom’s Choice!”

Groom's Choice

And…ding ding ding!!  The bride goes in for the bling—makes her move—and oh, she can’t decide!  The groom cuts left towards titanium—cuts right toward tungsten—oh! And he TKOs the white gold!  But is this the right match-up for him? 

Looks like Round One is going to end in a No-Decision for both the bride and the groom.  Stay tuned for round two!

How long did it take you to find the perfect wedding band?  Was it an easy choice?

*all photos are from here.


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