Dr. Tuxtable

What?!  Lame title, I know, but come on—you try coming up with new and exciting titles every day!

Obviously, we went shopping for tuxes.  And I think we found one Dr. Groomy loves!  We will be renting them from the same shop where I bought my dress, as well as where we got our bridesmaid dresses from.  If you can do this, I highly recommend it—usually you can get some great discounts (example:  our groomsmen will get 30% off the regular price of their tuxes!). 

We went to the shop on a week night, which I also highly recommend if you can swing it.  It wasn’t very busy so we basically had the run of the place, which was nice.  Here’s a few of the tuxes Dr. Groomy tried on:

Miscellaneous 032 Doesn’t he look just thrilled to be having his picture taken?

Dr. Groomy wear suits and ties daily for work, so he knows what he likes and doesn’t like—making this process pretty painless!  He prefers two and three button coats as opposed to four button or more, and he likes actual lapels instead of flaps or no lapel (which, by the way, I think are the weirdest looking coats ever).  And although I love the look of bow-ties (seriously, my heart palpitates just thinking about it), Dr. Groomy hates them and prefers regular ties instead. Sigh.  You win some, you lose some—he’s the one who has to wear the tux all day!

Another option:

Miscellaneous 034

So, I’m not going to lie, they all look pretty much the same to me.  This one has shiny satin on the lapels, if you can look a little closer:

Lapels 1(Sorry the picture quality is not that great here) 

But alas, we thought that was a bit too shiny.  Instead, we selected a tux that has just the opposite effect:

Miscellaneous 035 Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

This tux has satin on the outside of the lapels, but is a little less shiny than the previous tux.  It’s by Perry Ellis Evening, and here’s what it looks like all done up:


Ok, so this is the tux with the satin insets, not the one with the satin as the outline of the lapel…but they look pretty much the same when they’re all done up and I couldn’t find one of the satin outline…so you’ll have to use your imagination!

As far as the tie and vest goes, we decided to go with a black vest for the groomsmen, fathers, and ushers, as we couldn’t find a vest that matched the gold of the bridesmaid dresses exactly.  We did, however, find a tie that matched perfectly!  So as of right now, the groomsmen, ushers, and fathers will wear black vests with gold ties, and the groom will wear an ivory vest with ivory tie. 

One of the best things is that we can definitely change our minds on the style if we want to.  So when we take Dr. Groomy to get measured in a few months, he can double check and make sure that he likes all the selections that we made. 

Overall, this process was pretty painless and a lot less difficult than I thought it would be!  Are you renting tuxes for your wedding?  What was the process like for you?

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.



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2 responses to “Dr. Tuxtable

  1. Oh tuxes… We rented ours through Mens Warehouse and it was also pretty painless. I would have rather had a suit and had it tailored to me because I felt like everything was too big and baggy. If my groomsmen weren’t all over the country I would have probably went that route. I could have probably kept it close to the same price point and had a much more tailored suit.

    Everyone went to a Mens Warehouse close to them (Texas, Vegas, MN, and Iowa) and the Tuxes were picked up in Milwaukee the weekend of the wedding so they didn’t have to travel with the tux. They could also be returned to any Mens Warehouse in the US, which was nice.

    Overall, really quick and painless, but I would rather have had something I could keep and tailored to me.

  2. We have not gone to do that yet. Truth be told, I have been procrastinating it, I want it to go smooth but I worry it won’t.

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