Gifts for the “Dudes”, I

**If you are a groomsman or usher in our wedding, this post is NOT for you!  Please don’t ruin the surprises we have in store by sneaking a peek at this post.  TD:  THIS MEANS YOU, SIR. **



Hmmm…I think they’re gone! 


Dr. Groomy’s groomsmen and ushers are pretty cool dudes.  He’s been friends with them for years, and they are each intelligent, successful, fun-loving guys.  We knew we wanted to get them some great gifts to go along with their great personalities, which are across the board, from quiet and introspective to “I can’t even describe this guy to you.”  Thus, we’ve started planning early so we can get gifts that each of them will enjoy. 

The first thing I knew I wanted to gift them with was a Wedding Day Survival Kit.  Inspired by Miss Lace of Weddingbee, I decided to craft my own using some simple supplies from Target and my trusty Xyron.

 Dude (Source)

I was totally inspired by these awesome “Will You Be My Groomsman?” cards found on the Wedding Chicks Blog.  [Side Note:  I love the Wedding Chicks.  They have so many awesome ideas and their site is gorgeous!]  Um, I was pretty much obsessed with these, but since we’re long past the stage of asking our bridal party to participate, I knew I needed to find a way to incorporate the cool “Dude” logo in some other way.  The survival kit seemed to be the perfect way to do so!

Miscellaneous 014

Each kit includes:

Miscellaneous 015  Antacid, gum, safety pins, ibuprofen, band-aids, facial tissue, cotton swabs, and a shout wipe.

I made all the labels myself by first printing them from my computer, cutting them out and gluing them to cardstock, and then running them through my Xyron.  I also created the tissue packets and cotton swab holders too! (Don’t worry, there’s a tutorial coming!)

Miscellaneous 017 

I packaged everything up in some cello bags from Target and created a label with my Xyron to close them all up (using the Dude cards and cutting the paper short where the “Will You Be My Groomsman?” writing was).  Overall, I am pleased as punch with how these turned out.  The guys may not think they’ll need them, but I think a lot of this stuff could definitely come in handy! 

Don’t worry, Dr. Groomy has lots of other fun surprises in store for their gifts…and I have some fun gifts planned for my bridesmaids too.  Stay tuned!

What are you gifting your wedding party with?



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3 responses to “Gifts for the “Dudes”, I

  1. Wow, turned out great 🙂 I’m planning to do a bridesmaid survival kit but didn’t think to do something similar for the ‘dudes’ 😉 Cute idea!

  2. They look great! I don’t think many people think of the guys for this. I’m sure you’ll be getting extra brownie points for this! 🙂

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