Gifts for My Girls, I

**EXCUSE ME BRIDESMAIDS:  Please do not read this entry.  Pretty please!  I know you will want to look but please don’t, as I don’t want it to ruin the surprises I am including in your gifts!  DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU ARE A BRIDESMAID, PLEASE!  And for that matter, if you are an usher or a groomsman, there are spoilers in here for you too…so no reading, please!**


…Ok, ladies & gents, are you gone yet?!


…Seriously, K Doc…get out of here!  🙂


…Ok, they’re gone.  So remember my “Dude” Survival Kits for the guys?  You know I had to make some for my Chicks, too!

Miscellaneous 045

They’re very similar to the Man versions, except that I created the “Chick” logo in Microsoft Word…and the girls get a few extra goodies!

Each kit contains:

Miscellaneous 042
Safety pins, ibuprofen, band-aids, facial tissue, cotton swabs, Burt’s Bees lip balm, antacid, a Shout wipe, gum, and bobby pins (which I almost just wrote as booby pins, haha!)

Again, I made all of the labels and the facial tissue and cotton swab holders.  I also made a cute holder for the bobby pins using cardstock and ribbon!

Miscellaneous 043

Miscellaneous 044 (Back—I love the bow; I think it adds such a sweet touch!)

In my next post, I’ll teach you how I made the tissue and cotton swab holders.  I have a lot of other great gift ideas for the girls—and the guys!—that I will be posting soon too.

Are you gifting your ladies with survival kits?  What are you including in yours?



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5 responses to “Gifts for My Girls, I

  1. Very cute. I was really wanting to make these for my girls, but ran out of time.

  2. Em

    Ok, these and the ones you made for the boys are so cool! And you’re getting this stuff done so far in advance which is a really good thing. So crafty!

  3. So so cute 🙂 Great job. They’re going to love them!

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