Tutorial: For Sniffles & Swabs



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Ok, so now that I’ve unveiled my awesome Dude & Chick Survival Kits, it’s time to show you how I made some of the components!

Most of the items were packaged in small cello bags, and closed with a sticker that tells you what the items are. For the cotton swabs and facial tissues, though, I needed to create a “holder” for them.  Note:  I did both of these projects with my Xyron sticker maker, but you could easily do this with the adhesive of your choice—spray adhesive would work great for this project!

For the cotton swab holders, you’ll need cardstock and adhesive of your choice.

Miscellaneous 020 
I started by folding the bottom of the cardstock up to make the packet the cotton swabs will go in.

Miscellaneous 021
Next, I cut the paper to size—really, I did this by sight and not by exact measurements.  I wanted a packet to hold five swabs, so I just cut what I thought would work. 

Miscellaneous 024  Next, I folded the top down and scored both folds so that they were nice and crisp.

Miscellaneous 023


Miscellaneous 025  The next step was cutting strips that I used to hold my packet closed.  Again, no exact measurements on these.  I cut enough strips so I could have two for each packet.

Run them through the Xyron…

Miscellaneous 026

Miscellaneous 027

And you’re ready to stick!  I put one strip across the front, the flipped the packets over and folded them down to keep the sides closed.

Miscellaneous 028

Miscellaneous 029

Miscellaneous 030

Eh voila!  A cotton swab holder. 

Miscellaneous 031

Fold the top down, attach your label, and you have a completed packet. 

For the facial tissue packets, you’ll need cardstock and a label or sticker to close the packet.  These are quite easy.

Fold the cardstock around the tissue, so you have approximately the right size.  Cut accordingly.

Miscellaneous 037

Score your folds so that they are nice and crisp.  Center your tissues in the middle of the packet, fold the top down, and attach your label.  Tada!  A tissue packet!

Miscellaneous 038

Miscellaneous 039

Miscellaneous 040

And when they’re all done, they look like this:

Miscellaneous 017

Happy Crafting!



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3 responses to “Tutorial: For Sniffles & Swabs

  1. Jill

    Those are so cute! What a great idea and fun gift for the girls and guys!

  2. These turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing the how-to. I’ll be linking to this.

  3. Great tutorial. They turned out so nice 🙂

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