Let Me Eat Cake!

So, I just got back from my first cake tasting, and aside from the fact that I have a giant sugar hangover, I had an awesome time!

Little known secret about Dr. Groomy:  He hates him some sweets.  Yes people, the man does not like chocolate.  Or cake.  Or ANY of that. 

Not-so-secret secret about me:  I love me some sweets.  And my taste buds have a special affinity  for wedding cake.  People, I have run the gamut of wedding cakes at various weddings and I’m just going to go ahead and say it:  I will judge a wedding by its cake.*  Not the way it looks, necessarily,  but definitely the way it tastes.  In order to win me over and have me say your wedding was awesome-sauce, the cake must be DELISH, peeps…DE. LISH. 

[As an additional side note:  This is dumb, but I get really annoyed when I see couples cutting the cake “incorrectly.”  Take note, brides:  YOUR hand should not be separated from the knife.  According to various cake traditions and superstitions, this is very bad luck.  The bride should always hold the knife, with the groom’s hand over hers.  When I see the groom cutting the cake, me no likey!  I ALWAYS notice this in wedding photos.  What can I say?  I told you I am serious about this wedding cake business!]

All that being said, now that it’s come to the time where we need to nail down a baker, I am MORE than happy to take the reigns on this task.  And take those reigns I did!  I made an appointment with a local bakery that caters pretty strictly to just the wedding crowd.  My bridesmaid KDoc accompanied me, and we had a blast! We met with the baker, Karen of The Cake Lady, discussed options, looked through photographs, laughed, drank coffee, and of course, ate cake!  Karen was very knowledgeable and I felt right at home with her.  And with cakes like these, I knew we were in good hands!

Cake 2    Cake 3

Cake 4   Cake 5
(Source for all cake photos)

We tried the following:

001  (Photo by me)
From left to right, top row:  chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, raspberry preserves, lavender cake, lemon curd
From left to right, bottom row:  red velvet cake, white chocolate cream cheese buttercream, spice cake, vanilla bean pastry cream, vanilla cake
And that white blob in the middle is The Cake Lady’s signature vanilla buttercream

All I have to say is:  TO. DIE. FOR.  The cakes were so good and the fillings and frostings?  Fantastic!  I am very particular about my buttercream, and I am happy to say that this stuff was delightful.  The perfect amount of sweetness and buttery goodness.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

My favorite combinations were the spice cake (bottom row, middle) paired with the vanilla bean pastry cream, and the lavender cake (top row, right) paired with the lemon curd.  As The Bowie Bride would say, it was AMAZEballs in my mouth. 

In terms of cake styles, I found myself consistently drawn to cakes that had elements like this one:

Cake 1

I love the mostly plain cake paired with the fondant ribbon and the gumpaste bows.  Classic and elegant, me thinks.  Karen sketched out an idea for our cake, which I will reveal to you all if we end up booking her.  She also sent me home with the rest of our samples, so that Dr. Groomy could have a taste of them too!  She’ll be sending me a quote in the next few days, so let’s all cross our fingers that the price is right.

And for those of you who were worried (ha, right):  I’ve got another cake tasting with a different baker  lined up for Dr. Groomy to attend.  I think he has to experience that at least one time, right?

Are you a big wedding cake fan?  Tell me about your bakers and cakes!

*Ok seriously, I am not really going to get all judgey judgey about your wedding if you have a not-s0-good cake.  But I DO love wedding cake and it’s the weddings that had fab cake that I always remember!



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10 responses to “Let Me Eat Cake!

  1. I love wedding cakes. I knew ours had to be delicious and it totally was. One of the best wedding cakes I had ever had.

  2. Em

    I had no idea about the hand thing! And with my wedding, oh, 3 days away I’m glad you told me. Bride holds the knife…got it 🙂 And I want to have another cake tasting sometime in my life. Ours was, in a word, AMAZING. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that I’m a BM in a hypothetical wedding and the bride asks me to go with her. Mmmmcake.

  3. Nope, not a big cake fan but I love me some chocolate 🙂 So funny your fiance doesn’t like any sweets!

  4. Now I want cake.

    Love the idea of lavender with lemon curd. Sounds amazing.

  5. TD

    That chocolate cake and gnoche was ridiculous. Spice cake good too. Thanks for the beer and the blown Brewers game!

  6. Kdoc

    thanks for taking me along! you forgot to blog about the best parts tho! 1) the randoms who came in halfway through your appointment saying “hi, i need a cake” and 2) our impromtu trip to mickey d’s afterward for some fries to combat cake-induced coma.

    TD: tell me about it!! holy chocolate, batman!

    p.s. aim, i freely admit to reading the secret bridesmaid post…at least to the point where i read a warning specific to myself…then i felt guilty. so, you win. my paws are off.

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