Invitations…Make Me Nervous!*

Invites are not something I thought would be an ordeal for me.  I love paper products, so the idea of finding/buying/and/or making invitations really appealed to me.  However, now that we’re actually into the perusing/buying stage (if you’ll remember, I decided I did NOT want to DIY after I made our Save-the-Dates)…I am feeling really overwhelmed!’

I have gone to two local invitation stores here in Milwaukee, and both times I did not get the customer service I was looking for.  Without going in to too much detail, I’ll just say that customer service is a BIG deal to me and if I don’t feel right after meeting a vendor, I won’t hire them. 

So, after TWO failed meetings with local vendors, I began to peruse the internets for invitations.  I became quickly overwhelmed by all the options on Etsy and other invitation websites.  Then, I found Minted, an online invitation store where I think I finally feel at home!  I love their wide selection and their ordering process seems to be relatively easy.  Plus, they offer things like drop-in envelope liners and matching address labels, which appeals to someone like me, who still wants to infuse DIY details into the invitation suite without all the fuss of DIY. 

Here are our top contenders so far:


Love the Chandelier design—so formal and speaks to the grandeur of our venue.  The reply card to match is white with a black chandelier, and I love the contrast between the two!


I liked this one when we first ordered samples, but it’s just so-so for me now.  Plus, the matching response card is black with white writing, which will be difficult for guests unless they have a white pen!


LOVE this one.  This is my top choice, actually.  It’s formal and lovely, and I love how the other elements (response card, etc) match it.


Like this one too, but it’s very similar to a wedding invitation we received this year (Hi, Jill!), so I’m not sure I’d like to use the same style as our dear friends.


This one is actually Dr. Groom’s top choice.  I like it, but I am not a fan of the tulips, actually. It looks much sharper in color, but it’s not available in any colors that would match our scheme.  Evidence:

Way cooler in color, no?


I like this one too—it’s more modern than the other ones, but still lends a formal feel, I think.

(All of the above photos are from Minted’s website!)

You’ll notice that all of our choices are black and white—and that’s on purpose.  It will be easier to pull off a more cohesive look with our reception paper products if we are working in black and white, rather than colors, which can’t always be matched exactly.   I love the cardstock options from Minted, too—their signature paper is nice and thick, but they also offer the option of using pearlescent paper, too (which I love).  We’ll be narrowing down our choice and ordering soon, me thinks!  Which one do you like?

And tell me:  did anyone else feel really overwhelmed with the invitation process?

*So, the title of this post is actually an inside joke that 99.9% of you won’t get unless you’re from Wisconsin. You see, we have this amazing singer/songwriter/comedian named Pat McCurdy, whose is a very famous character among the college-age crowd in the upper Midwest (think Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Green Bay, & Minneapolis).  His shows consist of just him, his guitar, and a lot of audience participation and improv.   He sings a variety of comedic, brash, and outright inappropriate songs (example:  a song about vibrators called “Electronic Friend”), but his most famous song is the one he ends every show with:  a classic Wisconsin drinking anthem called “Sex and Beer.” One of my personal Pat favorites is a little diddy called “Nervous.”  You can listen to one version of the song (the lyrics often change depending on his audience) here.  Be forewarned though:  Pat is a comedian, peeps, so he’s not always politically correct.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

*NOTE:  Minted has no idea who I am and I am not being reimbursed to blog about them.  I just really like their site and I think we will likely order our invites from them!



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6 responses to “Invitations…Make Me Nervous!*

  1. That’s great 🙂 All the invites are nice. I would keep in mind that square invites cost more money to ship.

  2. I love Minted! We got our save-the-date cards from there (and I’ve since ordered stationary from them) and I can tell you that they are really easy to work with. Their designs are all so lovely. Out of the ones you’ve chosen here, I think my favorite is the scripty one you listed as your top choice. It’s very whimsical but still formal.

  3. I personally like the first two you posted the best. I think black and white makes every thing look more formal as well.

  4. I DIY’d our STD’s as well and decided there was no way I was doing that for our wedding invites. But I still wanted something sort of custom with my own personal touch on it. So I went ahead and found a woman who owns her own stationery company in Chicago. Though I am in So Cal I worked on everything with her via phone and e-mail and she was phenomenal and still very affordable…the same if not cheaper than buying pre-made invites. If you want to look into her, check out Serendipity Designs on my blog site under my vendor list 🙂

  5. Jill

    I LOVE the one that you said is your top choice! Such a great layout! Of course, I love the one under it too 🙂 They are all beautiful and you can’t go wrong with any of those choices. I think the chandelier one is pretty cool too, very fun! I’m glad to hear you found a site that seems to fit what you want, that is so important!

  6. Natalie’s invitation is stunning. Do that pleasssee! I LOVE IT!

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