The Color of Relief

I received a wonderful phone call the other day…our bridesmaid dresses are in—two months early!

You can imagine my excitement at this news…but I have a little confession to make:  I was secretly apprehensive about the dress we had chosen.  Actually, let me clarify—I wasn’t nervous about the dress, per say, but I was really concerned about the COLOR the dress would end up being.

Here’s the story.  When we tried on and selected the dress, the store did not have a swatch card of the color available to give to me.  You see, the store had actually LOST the swatch card for that specific designer, and hadn’t gotten a new one in…so our salesperson wasn’t sure what the exact color would be.    Umm, ok?  The salesperson cut me a swatch—from an actual dress by the same designer—in what we hoped was the color we’d be getting.  I’ve been using that swatch to match ribbons and do various projects since then, so needless to say, I was more than a little nervous about the color. 

Two of my bridesmaids went to pick up their dresses yesterday, and I am happy to say that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!  The color is just what I was expecting…a warm gold tone.  The proof is in the pictures—behold, my lovely bridesmaid K!

Bridesmaid Dress 1

Bridesmaid Dress 2

I was thinking that I would want the girls to wear red shoes to go with the red flowers they’ll be carrying (and to match my awesome red shoes!), so she took a shoe shot for me as well so I could see.

Bridesmaid Dress 3

Looks pretty good, no?  I have yet to see the dresses in person (I am going to pick up my sister’s and one of my other bridesmaid’s tomorrow), but so far from these pictures, I am happy!

Whew!  Did you have any nerves about the dresses you chose for your ‘maids?

*All pictures are provided by my bridesmaid K…I believe they were taken on her smart phone?



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2 responses to “The Color of Relief

  1. I was nervous. I picked a floor length dress that was available in tea length. We never got to see what the dress looked like in tea length so I just had to wait till they came in and hope it was just as pretty in tea as in floor, luckily they they are. To the point that I don’t think any one will ever know that they were meant to be floor length.

  2. It looks really great!

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