Favoring Our Guests

I follow a lot of great peeps (tweeps?!) on Twitter.  One of them is the fabulous Liz Coopersmith.  If you don’t know who she is, check out her website & blog—basically, she’s a super awesome wedding planner based out in California.  She also contributes regularly to The Broke-Ass Bride, which is a hilarious wedding-planning-on-a-budget blog created by Dana (some of you may know her as Mrs. Meatball!). 

Anyways, yesterday Liz tweeted this:


This is SO TRUE, guys.  Think about it!  I immediately tweeted back at Liz, saying this:

Tweet 2

So what’s the point of me sharing with you our Twitter conversation?  Well, if you read my guest post on Burning River Bride yesterday (or if you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time!), you’ll know that my wedding planning mantra has been “Stay Ahead of the Game.”  Liz’s tweet was so timely, as we are starting to think about favors!

Now,  a lot of things have been said about favors.  Some people think they’re not necessary…while others?  They’re a must.  Some people like to give food, some people like to give donations to charity, and other people like to give little tchotchkes.  I’ll be honest—I know that favors are often the first things to get cut when brides are working on a budget, but I get so disappointed when I attend a wedding with no favor.  It might sound dumb, but I just love them—I think they are a nice way to thank guests for coming, and I miss them if they’re not there!  So, let’s get real for a second about them.  Those tchotchkes are cute, but guess what?!  Likely, they’re going to end up in the junk drawer…and THAT is the point of Liz’s tweet yesterday. 

Food is definitely my most favorite favor to receive—and the ones that your guests will appreciate the most, too, me thinks.  Some of the most memorable favors I’ve gotten have been beautifully wrapped and equally delicious cookies & candies. Naturally, we’re leaning towards food as a favor, since we’re such big foodies as it is.  I like charity donations as well, but to me, no matter how noble the cause, they’re not as tangible as giving your guests a sweet treat to eat on their way home. 

Here’s some ideas I’ve found lately that I absolutely LOVE:


Popcorn!  One of mine and Dr. Groomy’s favorite foods.  I am HEAVILY leaning towards doing cellophane bags of popcorn tied with a bow as our favor.  We LOVE this stuff and eat it at least three times a week.

truffles  (Source)

Truffles.  Always a great idea, and there are so many cute ways to package them!

local products

Local or homemade products…think jams and jellies, honeys, homemade dill pickles, and other local favorites. 

If you want to do a charity donation, that’s an incredible and giving idea.  Let me be clear: I think charitable donations are AWESOME.  That being said, not everyone on your guest list is going to be so into them.  May I suggest tying a tag with information about the donation to a sweet treat your guests can also enjoy?  For example, these Truffles for a Cause are adorable!

truffles 2 
(Source, via TrufflesforaCause.com)

So…those are my thoughts on favors.  Thanks to Liz for sparking a great blog topic!  I’ll keep you posted as to what we decide to do, but in the meantime:

What are your thoughts on favors?



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6 responses to “Favoring Our Guests

  1. I love food favors too… they’re great. We are doing favors, two actually. One I won in a giveaway, they’re personalized refridgerator memo boards, and then we want to do a cd with all of our favorite songs and also songs that will be played throughout the wedding night. I won the cd jackets for them and monogram stickers to adhere a ribbon on the outside of the jacket, and of course we need to get the cd’s and labels. I enjoyed getting a mixed cd at a close friends wedding and I still listen to it. It had great music on it 🙂

  2. Terrie B

    The last wedding I went to had a “candy bar” set up. It was at a baptist church so there was no drinking so this was a great spin. They had the little bags and you were able to scoop up your favorites. I loved this idea!!

  3. kjpugs

    I like three kinds of favors. 1 – edible. Cause I mean who doesn’t?! Popcorn, candy bar… all are appreciated. 2- charity. I may be in the minority, but I find it more meaningful that a measuring cup or candle. It’s especially meaningful if it’s something that you know why it’s meaningful to them (like breast cancer for her grandma, etc.) 3- PHOTOBOOTH! It’s my favorite one. It’s fun, interactive, and you can take something home. I WISH WISH WISH we could have had one.

  4. Em

    I swear to god if you have popcorn at your wedding I’m crashing it. I will find you, I have excellent stalking techniques.

    Ok, no I won’t.

    But your favor ideas are great! We didn’t have favors because I legitimately did not care, but I definitely appreciate it when I’m at a wedding with them. And food should always be the way to go!

  5. stephanie

    we had jordan almonds in a pretty net bag with a custom label because I definitely like the food favors better than the tchotchkes – and I thought jordan almonds were so nice and classic. 🙂

  6. I love the idea of popcorn!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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