Let Me Eat Cake (Again!)

Over the holiday weekend, Brad and I attended a second cake tasting.  If you’ll remember, he did not attend the first one, and I really wanted him to have the chance to experience a cake tasting for himself.

This time around, we went to Simma’s, a local bakery with a lot of history.  They’ve been named one of the top 25 bakeries in the United States, and they are definitely a staple in the wedding cake industry here.


Whereas the first baker I visited with is strictly a cake baker, open by appointment only, Simma’s is a full-service bakery, complete with coffee shop.  We walked in and surveyed the scene:

002 Nice and clean with some beautiful display cases housing delicious treats!

We helped ourselves to some coffee and awaited our cake samples.  When they were brought out, we were shocked at how much cake there really was:

(Starting from the top left and going clockwise:  Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and buttercream frosting, genoise cake with raspberry chambord mouse and white chocolate ganache frosting, Simma’s signature cheesecake with chocolate ganache frosting, red velvet with cream cheese mousse and buttercream frosting)

Pretty much two full pieces of each kind of cake, one for each of us (except the cheesecake—I think that’s way too rich to give two pieces of!).  It was A LOT of cake and we took a huge box of the leftovers home with us.

The wedding coordinator came out to meet with us, and was able to quote us right away.  I liked that we got to see how the cake would actually look when served to our guests, but I gotta be honest and say that I was a bit put off with how they did things.  It’s sort of impersonal and not really the customer service I was expecting after my first go-round…but I guess that’s what you get when you go from “cake baker only” to full-service bakery. 

All in all, the cakes were really delicious and we will have a big decision to make!

And because you rarely ever see him on the blog, here’s the Dr. enjoying his post-cake coffee:

004 As he says, “I don’t smile for the blog, HA!”

Cake tasting round two, complete.  How many cake tastings did you go on?



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6 responses to “Let Me Eat Cake (Again!)

  1. We met with every single baker in Tallahassee. Haha!

    We probably did 5 or 6 cake tastings and it was one of our hardest decisions throughout the entire process. We ended up going with the first bakery we did a tasting at though because we felt more comfortable with them and knew their cake was going to be gorgeous and delicious.

  2. Em

    Double yum! Those pieces are HUGE. Lucky you! It will certainly be hard to choose, I’m sure.

    We didn’t have a decision w/ our cake baker because of our venue requirements, but the place is amazing so we didn’t mind one bit. I have one bit of advice…double or even triple confirm your flavors. This is some inside info that I haven’t shared w/ anyone in blog-land yet: our cake was wrong. Nothing majorly upsetting, but wrong nonetheless.

  3. Whoa–that’s a lot of cake!

    Our venue has a preferred baker so we’re going with them. I’ve heard great things about them and can’t wait to have our tasting!

  4. kjpugs

    We did one cake tasting but ended up having a friend make our cupcakes. Which was great since we KNEW we loved her cake!

    ps I VOTE RED VELVET! It’s… ::sniff:: soooo beautiful!!!!

  5. Nicole-Lynn

    I am going to schedule some cake tastings for us soon.. so excited 🙂 Those cake pieces are HUGE! 🙂

  6. We went to two cake tastings. One at Simmas and one at Metro Mart downtown. The cake that we tasted at Simmas was really dry and not that good. I agree that it wasn’t very personal either.

    We went with Metro and I was super happy with the taste (not so excited about the decoration though). Guess that is sometimes the trade off…

    Good luck choosing!!

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