Confessions of a Bridal Blogger

Go ahead and rock out to the Glee cast while reading this post.  It is, after all, about Confessions! 

1.  I am reeeeealllly looking forward to the Post-Wedding-Chop.  In fact, I think I have the haircut picked out already.  Dr. Groomy will hate it because it’s short, but I’ve always been a sassy, short-haired gal.  Having hair as long as it is right now is, in a word, WEIRD.

Mariska 1(Side note:  I totally heart Mariska Hargitay.  I am a HUGE SVU fan!) 

2.  Despite my love for the details, there really are some things I just don’t give a shit about.  A prime example?  How big the cake is.  Our reception venue is very large, and I’ve been told I need to have a larger cake to make up for the room’s scale.  Guess what?  Neither I nor my wallet cares.  More servings of sheet cake, please!

3.  I use WordPress to host my blog, and I write my posts using Windows Live Writer.  I know a lot of you use Blogger, which is awesome because you can use a lot of neat templates and cool buttons that you can’t currently use in WordPress.  But I do have to say that  I hate the Blogger comment forms!  Many of them only let me put in my URL, instead of my name.  Then I have to log into WordPress to be able to post my comment.  I hate saying it, but sometimes, it’s just easier not to comment!  My favorite Blogger blogs are the ones that let me enter “Name/URL” to comment.  Too many security settings otherwise!

4.  Speaking of blogs, I am already thinking about my post-wedding blog.  Do I want it to be a newlywed blog?  A health, food and fitness blog?  A lifestyle blog?  More importantly, what should it be called?  Should I buy my own domain?  So many options!  So many ideas!  What do you guys think? 

5.  This will probably get me in hot water, but it has really been bothering me lately, so I’m just gonna confess:  I get really irritated when Bees don’t come back to the Weddingbee site to do their recaps after their weddings.  I know, life gets in the way and you’re sort of “done” thinking about weddings.  I know, weddings are huge, emotional events that are hard to put into words.  I know, you have 4,000 photos to go through.  Sorry, but I don’t care.  Scratch that…actually, I do care.  I care enough that I am annoyed.  As an avid reader, I’ve invested time, thought, concern and feeling into reading about your wedding plans.  When you never come back to tell us how it went, you are doing us, as readers, a huge disservice.  99% of you take the time to thank the Hive for all of our support before you get married, but it seems that a lot of you never come back to tell us how it went.  Um, that sucks.  I don’t know of anyone who “casually” reads Weddingbee…generally, readers get sucked in and invested.  And also?  There are hundreds of women who are dying to be Bees.  When you don’t finish your “job” as a blogger by not doing your recaps, it means you’ve taken that opportunity from someone else who likely would have.  Not professional…or cool.  I know, it’s a volunteer position.  It takes a lot of time and energy.  But maybe that’s something to be considered before you apply or accept a position, because a ton of us want to be Bees but will never get the chance.  If something legitimate has happened that you can’t do your recaps, at least come back and say, I can’t do my recaps.  You don’t even have to tell us why, but seriously?  Don’t just disappear.  I hope this doesn’t sound like I am whining because I’m not a Bee.  Really, I’m not.  It’s just that I love the site and I’ve made so many great friends, both Bees and non-Bees, through the site.  So when you don’t come back to tell readers the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding your wedding, we are genuinely concerned and disappointed. 

Whew, I feel much better now!  What are your blogging confessions?



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9 responses to “Confessions of a Bridal Blogger

  1. How do you really feel? lol j/k!! I find it hilarious that you were complaining about the bee’s not doing their recaps. That bother’s me too. In fact, it bothered me SO much I stopped visiting daily. Now it’s more like bi-weekly or monthly.

    My #1 blog rant is when I comment regularly on someone’s blog and they can’t find the time to comment on my blog. Not even once. I have stopped following blogs because of this. I know it sounds petty but why should I invest time into getting to know you and commenting when they can’t do the same in return…

    Now on to the positive, I’ve made some really sweet blogging friends who I regularly keep in contact with through email, etc. and I love it 🙂

    p.s. I feel the same as you about the cake too.. not too into the cake 🙂

  2. ahh i am definitely looking forward to the post-bridal chop… the issue is that i still have 10 months to go! i didn’t expect my hair to grow that fast, and now that it’s here, i don’t want to cut it in case it doesn’t grow fast enough for my bff’s wedding in september (i want to put my hair up!). i miss my short hair, especially in the summer 😦

  3. I agree with you about the bees. I still read WB but I’m bummed that a couple of my favorite bloggers there just fell off the face of the planet…

    I also agree with Nicole-Lynn about comments! I’ve commented on a few blogs and never got any comments from those bloggers on mine.

    But overall, blogging has been wonderful and I’m so glad I’m doing it and meeting so many other brides! 🙂

  4. Ashley in Wisconsin

    Wow, I love all your statements today! #1 really resounds with me – I can’t WAIT to chop all of my hair off, and I plan on making an appointment for the Monday after the wedding to do it. Bye-bye, messy hair!

    And #3 – yes yes yes! I hate Blogger’s comment “feature”! It’s so tedious to try and get the Blogger system to talk to WP that, like you, it’s often easier not to comment.

    And #5 – yes again! I feel like there have been so many Bees I followed in the planning period, and very few have come back to do recaps. Why?!

  5. I am really annoyed that you are not a bee. Sorry, but I am!

  6. pobadmin

    100% agree with you about the Bee. It is very rude to take up a spot and drop off the face of the planet. You’re right, people get invested, it isn’t a casual drop in thing.

  7. I agree with you about the bees…I honestly have stopped paying attention to the blog because I don’t feel like getting invested in any weddings that aren’t going to be recapped anyway. Too many of my favorites have disappeared without a word. I don’t need to see 16 million individual photos and recaps, but a post or three would be great.

  8. I agree with you 100% on all of theseeeee! I HATE Blogger – it makes everything so difficult. And while I have sucked at commenting lately (and am trying to get back into it) due to the wedding, I agree- if you visit a blog, and comment… they should visit yours!!!!! I have a few people who I know IN REAL LIFE and they have never visited any of my NUMEROUS blogs. Jerks!!

  9. Em

    I agree w/ you on all of these.

    1. PWC cannot come soon enough for me. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to get it. Soon, I hope!

    2. All that matters is that you have enough cake to feed everyone. If that means sheet cake in the back then do it! Vendors want you to care about the silliest things sometimes.

    3. Um, I’m not really sure if I’ve ever been affected by this, but YEAH I hate it, too!! Lol.

    4. I’m thinking of mine, too. And you know what, I’m totally lost. Like, completely, totally, no idea what to do, lost.

    5. You said it all. And actually, I get really pissed when I talk about it so I’ll just say that I agree w/ you 110%.

    My confessions? (Previous commenters, please don’t throw rocks at me.) I don’t always comment on the blogs who comment on mine. GAH I know. I know. I actually was just thinking about how I have to get better at that. It’s just really hard to follow so.many.blogs.

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