Real Wedding Recap: Noah & Jill, III

Last we left off, we had just finished watching the beautiful ceremony uniting Noah and Jill.  Now, it was time to party!

Noah & Jill's Wedding 039 
The cocktail party was held in the same area as the ceremony and had a beautiful set-up.

Noah & Jill's Wedding 038 

Isn’t the Chicago History Museum a gorgeous building?

Noah & Jill's Wedding 040

After the cocktail hour, it was off to dinner.  But first, let’s take a look at some detail shots.

Remember the guest book I created for these two?  Here it is, all set up:

Noah & Jill's Wedding 036

Noah & Jill's Wedding 037 Our wish for the couple…

Noah & Jill's Wedding 041 And the guest book in action!

The room the reception was held in was just gorgeous…

Noah & Jill's Wedding 043 

Noah & Jill's Wedding 044 Tablescape close-up…

Noah & Jill's Wedding 045 And place setting close-up!  Their favors were delicious cookies frosted with a green E, for their new last name.

Noah & Jill's Wedding 047 Close-up of their centerpieces

Noah & Jill's Wedding 049  
And their lovely paper products.

Dinner was delicious!  We had…

Noah & Jill's Wedding 064  A delicious salad

Noah & Jill's Wedding 065  An amazing chicken dish with haricots verts

Noah & Jill's Wedding 057  And wedding cake!

Noah & Jill's Wedding 077

After dinner, it was time to party down.  

Noah & Jill's Wedding 083
Here I am with the Bride and Groom…this must have been later in the night because I am looking pretty ragged.  Oi.

Noah & Jill's Wedding 086  And here’s a big crew of us who all went to school at UW-Madison doing…God knows what!

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding and one of the most special I’ve ever attended.  Noah and Jill, we are so thrilled and happy for you and wish you all the best in the years to come.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you for our wedding!

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*All photos by me.  Please do not use without my express written consent and permission.



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6 responses to “Real Wedding Recap: Noah & Jill, III

  1. I love all the details! Very pretty.

  2. The tables look gorgeous! Love how the napkins and runner match! Also, the flowers and cake are so pretty!

  3. kjpugs

    Gosh is there ANYTHING I don’t like about this wedding!?! (The answer is no. Since it’s perfect.)

  4. Jill

    What a wonderful recap! Thanks so much for doing this! You got such great pics of the details and it was so fun to read this on our honeymoon. We had a blast and can’t thank you enough for all your help before and during the wedding! 3 months until it’s your turn, I can’t wait!

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