Hair & Makeup Inspiration

*The blogger enters stage left and heads to the lone microphone at the center of the stage.  She taps it gently—tap, tap, tap—and clears her throat.

Hello, is this thing on?

I feel like it’s been so quiet around here lately, but the truth is I am just in a holding pattern right now.  All of the big stuff is done, a lot of the little stuff is done, and I am just working on random projects here and there right now.  I am sure things will start to pick up again in a few weeks, but lately I feel as though I am scraping the barrel for posts!  Please forgive me, and please keep reading…I’ve got lots to blog about but most of it’s not ready yet. 

Today, I want to talk about hair and makeup.  I am pretty sure I’ve got the styles I like down!  Check another thing off the list.  My “official” hair trial isn’t until August, so I have a lot of time to change my mind, but I keep going back to the same hairstyle over and over:

Hair 5 The low bun.  I just love the classic look this hairstyle provides, and this picture is basically how I want my hair to look!  It’s not too
prom-y, and it’s very elegant…just what I am looking for. 

Here’s a mish-mosh of photos I plan to take into my stylist.

Hair 2This is my very favorite one in the bunch.  I LOVE the way this bun looks.  I don’t know if I have enough hair for it, but I definitely want to try!

 Hair 1 I love this one…definitely not a simple bun, but still has that simple elegance I am looking for, if that makes sense.

I picture the front of my hair being something like this:

Hair 3Parted, off to the side.
(All of the above photos are from Project Wedding) 

As far as makeup goes, I am blessed to have a truly makeup-talented friend, KDoc, as one of my bridesmaids…and she’ll be doing my wedding day makeup!  I think you’ll notice one common theme amongst all my inspiration pictures…

Makeup 1

Makeup 2

Makeup 3 (The first two photos are from Project Wedding,
while the photo of the lovely Michelle Williams is from The Examiner)

Red lips.  Yep, I’m going for it!  KDoc—can we go shopping at Sephora for makeup supplies soon?  🙂

How did you decide on your wedding day style?  Are you doing your own hair and makeup?



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7 responses to “Hair & Makeup Inspiration

  1. I have a hair trial next week so I need to hurry and find some inspiration pics! I haven’t put much thought into it yet…As for my makeup, still trying to figure out whether to do it myself (or have a friend help) or break down and hire a makeup artist. I’m actually hoping the person doing my hair (a friend-or) will be able to do it for me…we’ll see!

  2. Em

    I LOVE a bold lip!! Go for it, girl! Your hair inspiration pics are great, too. Very classic and very pretty 🙂

  3. Ohh all are very nice! That’s great you’re going for the red lips.. very exciting 🙂

  4. I looove the red lips. I’m doing my own makeup, and lipstick is my biggest challenge. I NEVER wear it and generally feel uncomfortable with it on. Maybe I choose the wrong colors? Anyway, love your inspiration photos. Maybe I’ll try some red gloss for myself 🙂

  5. Love the hair inspiration pics. I am getting both my hair and makeup done professionally on the day. I figure its worth the splurge 🙂

  6. kjpugs

    OMG. The 2nd pic. That bun. I want it. I want to frame it and put it on a shelf. That one, please!

  7. kdoc

    let’s go check out some stuff next thursday when we get together. you’ll look so gorg with red lips!

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