Ring A Ding Ding

I have been working on so many wedding projects lately that I have a swarm of DIY and fun craft posts coming up!  First up, I finished our ring bearer pillow!

The ring bearer pillow is more of a formality for us—our ring bearer won’t be carrying our actual rings down the aisle (not that I don’t trust him, but come on, he’s 5!  That’s a lot of pressure!).  I still want the little mister to feel like his job is important though, and I love the idea of a ring bearer pillow.  Since we first started planning the wedding, I knew I wanted a ring bearer pillow that looked similar to this:

Ring Bearer Pillow 
Oh Martha, you get me every time!

I decided to make this project semi-DIY.  I didn’t make the pillow, but I did create my own flower and design!

I started with a pillow I bought at Michael’s on sale.  It looked like this:


I ripped off the organza ribbon, rings, and decorations (they were just hot-glued on) and had a plain pillow to work with. 


Next, I took apart two beautiful red silk roses (also bought at Michael’s).


I stacked the petals on top of each other, tweaking and arranging as I went.  The reason I used two roses was because I wanted a nice full flower.  Once I had them stacked the way I wanted, I got out my needle and some red thread, and sewed them together through the middle.


After that, it was time to add some decoration.  I was originally going to use this brooch in my hair, but I’ve decided to go in another decoration.  I love it so much though and I want it to be used, so I took the hair clip off the back of it and hot glued it to the middle of my flower.


Next, I sewed the flower on to a piece of gold ribbon that matches our colors.  I also strung the fake rings that came with the original pillow on to a second piece of gold ribbon, and created a loop, like so:


A little arranging and a little more hot glue, and I was left with this:

A ring bearer pillow!  I love it and am so happy with the way it turned out.  Ladies, I am not a seamstress—if I can make something like this, so can you.  It was so easy!  Here’s a side view:

Love.  I am so happy with it!

Are you having a ring bearer?  What will he carry?



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10 responses to “Ring A Ding Ding

  1. Em

    Well done!! We (ok, my mom) made a semi-diy ring pillow (and flower girl baskets), too. So much easier than doing everything by hand 🙂

  2. It looks fantastic!

  3. It turned out great!

    We’re not having a ring bearer.. not sure who will hold the ring, probably one of the best men.

  4. We did have a ring bearer. Mr. Lopez’s 10 year old cousin. He carried a monogrammed jewlery box that carried our rings. You can ck it out in this post: http://heatherandjoeyswedding.blogspot.com/2009/07/rings-in-box.html

  5. I love it! Good job 🙂 We’re not having a ring bearer but I bet yours will look adorable walking down the aisle with that pillow.

  6. So sweet! My mom made mine, and it was gorgeous. I actually didn’t take any pictures of it, though. (It was *surprise*surprise* another last minute DIY detail.) Hopefully the photographer got one!

    Yours looks fantastic!

  7. Adrienne

    Nice! Love it Amy! You are too cute!

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  9. I featured your project on my Make It Yourself Monday post this week.


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