Flash Floods.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this news bulletin:  Milwaukee is having major rain issues.  I would be remiss not to share the pictures and stories with you all.

Last night, on the way to meet with our FOCCUS couple from church (more on this soon!), we got caught in a flash flood.  The city of Milwaukee and surrounding areas received more than 7” of rain in maybe two hours.  SEVEN INCHES!  You can hardly imagine what that was like.  Ordinary streets became rivers—with rapids!  Tress went down.  Sewer caps burst.  Two people were struck by lightning.  Roads buckled.  The highway system was crippled.  And a large sinkhole opened up on the east side.   Don’t believe me?  Behold:

Source:  Mark Pawlik for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Groomy and I became stuck on a road called Lincoln Memorial Drive, which runs right along Milwaukee’s lakefront.  It’s where I did most of my marathon training runs, as a matter of fact!  What’s normally a lovely scenic route quickly became a very scary nightmare.  As soon as we realized we couldn’t pass through, we stopped and waited for nearly an hour and a half, until traffic had cleared enough that we could reverse up the hill, turn around, and drive the other way.  It was harrowing, to say the least, as we watched other cars—many smaller than our own SUV—try to get through the flood waters and then become stuck…or worse, float.  Luckily, we were smart and didn’t try to get through the flood waters…but if this ever happens to you, guys, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED STREET.  You don’t know what might happen, what might be hiding under the flood waters, or what might happen to you (see the above sinkhole picture for a prime example).

Once we were safely home, after zigging and zagging through the streets of Milwaukee to avoid flood waters, I went outside to take some pictures of our neighborhood. I think they speak for themselves.

Flash Flood 001

Flash Flood 002

Flash Flood 004

Flash Flood 007

Flash Flood 014

Flash Flood 015

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.  Do not use without my express written consent.

We made it home safe and we’re just fine.  We’re lucky.  We live in a high rise building, on the top floor.  We have a little water damage in one corner of our apartment, where the water seeped down the wall and peeled up some paint, but otherwise, we’re just fine.  Others here have fared much worse.  Much of the current flooding you see above has subsided, but Milwaukee is in for another round of rain and storms today.  Please keep everyone here in your thoughts and prayers for safe travel and far less flooding this time around!




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6 responses to “Flash Floods.

  1. So sad to see my old city under all that water. Glad you’re okay!

  2. Em

    Oh wow! So glad you’re ok. I hear you’re supposed to get more today. Stay dry!!

  3. Kellis

    OMG Amy. That is so scary. I am so glad you and B are alright. That sinkhole is unbelievable!!

  4. woah! Very scary…. stay safe!

  5. kjpugs

    Ugh. This is insane. I hate floods… an inch of water in a home can cause SO much damage. I’m glad you guys are safe!

  6. Omigosh! I saw your tweets about this but I can’t believe how had it’s been! Glad you and B are okay.

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