Tears of Joy, Revisited

I am DYING to show you our invitations…but alas, not all of our guests have received them yet and so I am going to wait until Monday to post them.  In the meantime, I have a little confession to make:

Wedding DIY 025 
Remember these?  My Tears of Joy Tissue Packets?

Well, my confession is that I didn’t really like how they turned out.  And they were difficult to open because of the wrapping procedure I used…which could lead to a very loud church ceremony when our guests attempt to rip and tear the packets open.  So, I re-did them!

What was once this:

Wedding DIY 023

…is now this:

Miscellaneous Wedding 006 
I took a cue from some other DIY brides and decided to divvy up the Kleenex packets.  Using some cellophane bags I already had on hand, I slipped two tissues into each packet.  Then I printed a logo on some sparkly paper, mounted it to cardstock, and ran them through my Xyron using repositionable adhesive.  And voila!  A new set of tissue packets was born.

Miscellaneous Wedding 004 
I did a BUNCH of them—enough to fill our little basket.  I hope some of our guests will use them!

I also recently finished up a project that’s been on my radar for a long time:

Miscellaneous Wedding 007 
A flip-flop basket!  I watched for sales and bought the flops at Michael’s for $1 each.  It didn’t take much at all to put this together, and I think it’s such a cute touch!

Miscellaneous Wedding 008 (Shoe Close-Up)

What are some DIY projects you’re working on now?  For your home, your wedding?

Side Note:  I am really behind on commenting on all your blogs!  I’ve been so busy lately that I just haven’t had much time.  I promise I’m still reading, though!



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15 responses to “Tears of Joy, Revisited

  1. Nice! They look great! Are you going to have some one hand them out or have guests pick them up themselves? We had one of my sisters hand them out but there were SO many left over that I don’t think she really understood what to do. Make sure if you have some one hand them out they know what the purpose is. It was my bad communication…learn from my mistakes!!

  2. I definitely like the change! Great idea!

  3. They look great! Almost all of ours (both tears of joy packets and flip flops) were used, which made me so happy!

  4. They turned out great! I would have been worried about the noise factor when opening them too, so great re-do! 🙂

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  8. where did you get the format for the logo? also what font is that?

  9. amyc13

    Hi SouthernBelleJM,

    I created the monogram myself in Microsoft Word, so there’s no template or format that I used since I did it myself. The font used for the monogram is Chopin Script, which you can download for free from http://www.dafont.com.

  10. Lindsay Romoff


    I love your flip flop basket. How did you make the size labels and poster in front of the basket? Can you send me the template? I would love to use it for me wedding.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  11. amyc13

    Hi Lindsay,

    There is no template. I designed them all in Microsoft Word and cut them to size by hand. Hope that helps!

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Android-powered phone

  12. Jessica

    How many guests did you have and how many flop flops did you buy?

  13. amyc13

    We had 265 guests and I bought 30 pairs of flops. It was more than enough…they weren’t noticed by guests until the end of the night!

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Android-powered phone

  14. Nicole

    Everything is so amazing! Now a year later and everything is helping me out greatly! I was wondering if you had to use a special printer to print on the shimmery card stock? And where did you get the cardstock? michaels?

  15. amyc13

    Nope, just a regular printer! And yes, I got the paper at Michael’s. Glad it is helping you out! 🙂


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