A Dress for My Little Lady, Take Two

…or the post I call “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.”

Last we spoke about this, I had ordered a really cute flower girl dress that came in MUCH too burgundy.  It looked like this, remember?


Alas, it was super cute but I had to return it.  Wrong color. 

I took many of your suggestions and searched in a lot of different stores, both online and in person.  In the end though, I went back to the one online retailer that I would recommend hands down because they have the most awesome customer service, greatest return policy EVER (hello, a full year to complete returns?!) and they ship right quick (case in point:  I ordered the dress yesterday and it arrived today).  Who am I talking about?  Why,

Zappos  (Source)

of course!  Seriously, though…Zappos rocks my face off.  I will never order clothes or shoes online from anyone else.

Ok, enough with the Zappos Love Fest…would you like to see the contender for Flower Girl Dress?


Back  (All photos by me unless noted)

It’s gonna be wicked cute.  It’s damn near the color of my shoes, so the color is definitely spot on…and the beading at the waist matches some of the beading on my dress.  All that’s left is for Cass to try it on, and providing it fits, we have a winner!  I’m super psyched.

Are you having a flower girl in your wedding?

*I know, two posts from me in one day.  Exciting, hey?  I have SO much to post about that I didn’t know where to fit this one in.  It’s gonna be a busy blog for the next few weeks!



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5 responses to “A Dress for My Little Lady, Take Two

  1. Kayla

    Yay! I like busy blog weeks. Keeps me occupied at work. 😉 You’re a part of my Google Reader train, now, girl!

  2. kjpugs

    Gorgeous! I like this one so much better. The color and beading are GREAT!

  3. Ooh, I love it! I had 2 flower girls (my precious nieces) and they wore tutus. They were the cutest darn things ever!

  4. We are having the cutest little two year old, for our flower girl. She is the most darling little thing ever. We do not believe she will make it the entire way down the aisle at church or that she will want to hold flowers…but she is and has the cutest little dress ever.

  5. Very cute! That’s great it matches everything!

    Yes, we’re having a flower girl. It will be my niece who will be almost 3 by the time we get married. 🙂

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