Invitations: The Big Reveal!

At long last, I can finally show you our invitations!  I really love the way they turned out, despite the issues we had with our vendor (which I’ll get into later in the post).  For now, though, let’s take a look!

So here’s the envelope our guests saw when they received our invitations in the mail.  And for those of you who asked, yes, we did invite the President and Mrs. Obama to our wedding.  Usually, you get a nice letter of congratulations back from the White House, and I thought that it would be a fun keepsake!

Invites2Close-up of the return address. 

Let’s open it, shall we?

Invites3Oh, what’s this?  A lovely ribbon pull-tab and a square pocketfold? 

Invites4Why yes, it is! 

Invites5Here’s what the guests see when they pull out the invite.  Pretty standard wording.  We wanted both sets of parents to be included, since all of us are sharing the hosting duties. 

Invites6 Guests also received a reception card, which had information about the reception as well as a note to check our website for hotel information and directions.

Invites7And here’s the response card.  If you’ll remember, we decided to serve Tuscan Chicken and Shrimp Cavatappi…holy yum, I can’t wait for the food!  We’ll also have kids meals available and a vegetarian option if need be (we decided to handle those on a case-by-case basis…we’re leaving it up to our guests to notify us if they have a food allergy or issue).  

Invites8And here’s the whole shebang!

I am really happy with how they turned out.  They include all of the elements I wanted…a pocketfold, sparkly paper (which you can’t see too well from these photos, but all of the paper is metallic), and high level of formality befitting the event. Even though it definitely cost us more money, I am happy that we decided not to DIY these. It was one less thing for me to worry about, and when it came to the invitations, there was definitely plenty to worry about.

I booked our invitation vendor in June, with an August 1 deadline for mailing the invites (I realize this was a Sunday, but it was a good deadline for us).   Two months is plenty of time, right?  We paid our deposit, and waited.  I emailed, wondering where our proof was, and was told it would be to me within the week.  I waited.  I emailed.  I called.  I waited.  I emailed.  I called.  Suddenly, it was mid-July and we still hadn’t seen a proof.  Finally, a few stern voicemails and emails later, our invitation vendor called to apologize.  She had taken on a freelance job and forgotten to send over our proof…which left us with, oh, two weeks? for editing and approving the proof, getting the invites printed, assembled, and having the envelopes addressed.  Needless to say, I was pissed.

She offered to assemble the invites for us and promised up and down that they would be ready by our deadline.  And they were, almost.  I picked them up on August 2 and after spending two days numbering our RSVPs, applying stamps and putting everything together, they were mailed on August 4.  I love them, but this is supposed to be one of the most reputable invitation vendors in Milwaukee.  Instead, she struck me as a scatterbrained person who doesn’t really know how to handle her business.  Her work is beautiful, yes.  And we are truly happy with the way the invites turned out.  But we paid her a pretty penny and I don’t think her services matched that.  Not only did we have the late proof fiasco, but she also mislabeled several of our envelopes during the addressing process.  Some envelopes were double-printed, causing some of the other addresses to not get printed at all.  Also, some envelopes were missing zip codes or had double-printing on them (a full address printed but then someone else’s address started printing on the same envelope). 

I’m not going to name names here but if you are a Milwaukee bride who has questions about my invitation vendor, please contact me.  I would be happy to share with you my thoughts and experiences regarding this company.

Regardless, all’s well that ends well.  If this is the only problem we have with vendors, I’ll be a happy camper!  So, enough about that…tell me what you think of our invites!

*All photos by me.  As I always say, don’t rip ‘em off, ok?



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7 responses to “Invitations: The Big Reveal!

  1. They’re so pretty! I love the font, calligraphy, pull tab, everything! Your guests are going to be pleasently surprised! 🙂

  2. They are so so so so so gorgeous!

  3. Those turned out gorgeous!

  4. They’re beautiful! I love the flourishes and the pull-tab pocket fold. Sorry you went through so much with that vendor but it’s good it worked out in the end and you didn’t miss your deadline by too much.

  5. They look great!! LOVE love LOOOOVE the return address on your main envelope. It’s gorgeous (and something that even non-brides and wedding-obsessed people will notice, I think.) Sorry you had such troubles with your vendor. So annoying and frustrating 😦 At least they look fantastic and they’re now in the hands of your guests!

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