Real Wedding Recap: Derrick & Adrienne, II

So last we left off, you had seen the beautiful ceremony and some of the cocktail hour set up.  Now let’s venture into their AMAZING reception!

First, more cocktail hour deets:

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 043  Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 040

This is a close-up of the cocktail hour tables, as well as a shot of one of the birch candle holders I told you about.  I LOVED the birch accents…so elegant, yet organic at the same time.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 042
Moss-Covered Escort Card Table.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 038
Their family wedding picture display.  I was so excited to see this LIVE at another wedding besides ours, just to see how it would work logistically!  Loved it and it was so interesting for guests to look at.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 039
Guest Book—a framed photo of them.  I really like this idea, too.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 052
And they had a whole area for the kids!  Complete with chalkboard and chalk, games, and kid kits.  Loved seeing this come to life, as we are having kid kits at our reception as well.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 048 

Their paper elements.  Each guest also got a lovely fan and a container of bubbles for the ceremony (it was HOT out!).

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 051
This is me and my lovely friend Liz hanging out in one of the lounge areas during the cocktail hour.  She reads the blog, so HEY LIZ!

And now for some shots of their off-the-hook reception.  Chiavari chairs?  Check.  Luxury Portable Bathrooms?  You wouldn’t believe it, but check!  Specialty linens?  They were here!  It was GORGEOUS.  Check it out:

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 053

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 056

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 055 

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 082
Can you believe the bride’s mom made this amazing chandelier that hung over the dance floor?  SO COOL. 

The food was delicious.  Instead of having us select an entree course with our RSVPs, they offered each guest a choice of entree right there onsite.  It was very restaurant-esque, ordering from the waitresses when we sat down. 

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 062

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 064
CAKE!!  It was delish.

After all the delicious food, and everyone oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous set-up, it was time to PARTY.  And party we did!  Dr. Groomy and I eventually left around 12:30, but I’m told the DJ didn’t stop rockin’ (on orders from the father of the bride) until well after 1:00am.  Here’s a few pics of the party people:

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 077  Why, look who it is!! 
Mr. Milwaukee Brunch Reviews himself, Chris,
and his partner Andrew.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 075   Me with some of my book club girls.  Say hello, Sara, Liz & Neha!

I was too busy rocking out to Thriller and the like after that to take many more pictures, but I did get a chance to snap one of the gorgeous tent all lit up:

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 084

And with that, the night was over.  It was a beautiful wedding, so full of love and joy.  Congratulations Derrick & Adrienne!  We are so happy for you and count ourselves lucky to be in your lives!

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4 responses to “Real Wedding Recap: Derrick & Adrienne, II

  1. kjpugs

    The ribbon under the moss on the escort card table is genius. Also, I love the kids stuff! It makes me wish there were more kids in my family!

  2. stephanie

    wow. just wow. loved the stones on the napkins and the setup for dinner

  3. Omg…amazing!! Wowowow. LOVE the black river rocks on the napkins. And what a great idea to have guests order from a server. Love it. I need to find some friends like this lol.

  4. Adrienne

    Amy you rock! Thank you for the spread! So glad you enjoyed it!

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