Real Wedding Recap: Derrick & Adrienne, I

Dr. Groomy and I attended the most AMAZING wedding this weekend.  Seriously, it was awesome—so detailed, so gorgeous, so right out of the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings…and it was so full of love and joy and friendship and FUN to boot!  I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for these recaps, so let’s begin, shall we?

This was the wedding of our dear friends Derrick & Adrienne.  Dr. Groomy and Adrienne are friends from high school, and over the course of our relationship, I’ve become good friends with her (and her fiancé husband!) too.  The wedding was held on her family’s summer estate in northern Wisconsin, and it was gorgeous!

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 001  They used a canoe to hold gifts and cards.  Cute idea for a wedding at a lakeside estate, no?

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 002
A sampling of some of the florals.  They used birch tree stumps as candle holders with rose petals laid out in various designs.  They also used those moss-covered balls, hydrangeas, and roses all over the place too. 

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 006
The birch theme was continued throughout the event–these are some of the cocktail tables.  In the background, you can see one of the lounge areas they had set up.  This was one of two areas—the second area was home to a large coffee table and some beautiful couches and chairs to encourage relaxing during the cocktail hour!

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 019
The groomsmen.  The ceremony was held overlooking the lake, and the groomsmen and the groom arrived to the ceremony by boat!

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 020  The bridesmaids & flower girl (in blue).  Don’t you love those dresses?  They are the convertible wrap dresses from Victoria’s Secret…I loved that each girl wore hers a different way.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 018 

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 022 
The lovely bride!

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 016And the handsome groom!

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 027  Exchanging rings.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 031
Lighting the unity candle.

Adrienne & Derrick's Wedding 036
You may kiss the bride!

Stay tuned for Part II:  details of their off-the-hook cocktail hour and reception!

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8 responses to “Real Wedding Recap: Derrick & Adrienne, I

  1. She looked very happy and pretty.. they both looked great 🙂 The florals are amazing! Love that they used the canoe for the gifts!

  2. Ooh, I wanted those convertible wrap dress from VS so bad! They look awesome! And all of the flowers look so gorgeous – I LOVE the canoe and the designs in the grass!

  3. You got some great pictures of this wedding! I love the florals and the use of birch–so pretty! The boat with gifts in it is awesome too. Can’t wait for part 2!

  4. stephanie

    the flowers. are. amazing.

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  6. kjpugs

    Ok first pic or two- some of the best uses of florals I have EVER seen. I’m jaw-on-the-floor in AWE!

  7. bree!

    yay! i made the blog!! being a bridesmaid for this wedding was unbelieveable! it was a very upscale hippie wedding 🙂

  8. Adrienne

    We made the blog!! Woo hoo! Thank you so much for all your awesome photos and fabulous review of our wedding! Your blog is so great. So professional! Thank you for honoring us and thank you for helping to make that day and night so very special for both of us. We are so luck to have you in our lives!

    YOU’RE NEXT BABY!! Can’t wait!

    P.S. I listed the vendors on our wedding website today, so if anyone asks you or you were wondering they are there, Little Miss Wedding Planner.

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