Dressing Up

A long time ago, I showed you the dress my mom bought.  [Don’t click, Dr. Groomy, there is a dress photo of me in that post as well!]  Today, I thought I’d show you the dress my mother-in-law got!

First, I have to say that I am a really lucky girl.  My in-laws are, in a word, theshit[dot]com.  I love them and am so happy to be joining their family!  My mother-in-law called me a few weeks ago and asked me to come up and look at a dress contender for the wedding. She ended up getting the dress we looked at,  because we all thought it was so gorgeous on her!  Here she is:

Mary Sue's dress 005 
Gorgeous, no?  She is having it altered a bit of course…the jacket will fit better and she would like to have straps put on the dress.  Here it is without the jacket:

Mary Sue's dress 001

And just for kicks, here we are double checking the price and style number.

Mary Sue's dress 006 (Just provin’ I was there, yo!)

I think it is a gorgeous dress and it looks marvelous on her.  The moms are going to be two hot numbers at our wedding, that’s for sure!

Did you go shopping with your mom and mother-in-law for their dresses?



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6 responses to “Dressing Up

  1. Yes I did! I love my FMIL. I took her shopping and bought her the dress for her b-day present. 🙂

  2. Really pretty! I love the blue and the sparkle 🙂 My mom, FMIL and I went shopping for their dresses together and it was a lot of fun.

  3. Hott mama!! I think she should go sans jacket after the ceremony. The dress looks great on her! I went shopping w/ both moms and they both looked fantastic. I love my in-laws, too 🙂 So lucky!

  4. Ali

    Yowza MIL! Look at the waist on that woman! I agree with Emily…no coat for the ceremony 🙂

  5. kjpugs

    Ahhh, to have an awesome MIL. I wouldn’t know!

    Yours looks ADORABLE and that dress is gorgeous on her. Great choice!

  6. I did go with both my mom and MIL to get their dresses. I bought my mother’s dress and helped pick out my MIL’s dress. I am also very luck to have such great in-laws.

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