It Fits!

I just received these pictures in my inbox:

Cass 1

Cass 2

Which means it’s official…the flower girl dress can be checked off the list!  (Side note:  it looks really pink in this picture, but it is actually a nice shade of deep red.  It matches my wedding shoes nearly perfectly!)

She’s going to wear gold flats with the dress, and carry a pomander of light flowers (ivory and gold colors).  I’m so excited that this dress will work—it is a perfect fit for our wedding!

Was finding the right flower girl dress trouble for you?



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8 responses to “It Fits!

  1. She looks so cute! It’s perfect.

  2. This is so cute. Very fun color.

    Yes, finding the right flower girl dress sucked! the original one we bought ended up looking nothing like the sample my little cousin tried on. I hated it! So we ended up finding another one online that I really liked a lot better. Unfortunately, I was stuck with the $80 first dress we bought and have tried selling it via Craigslist and some other options to no avail 😦 Hopefully someone will want it soon.

  3. How cute! It looks like it fits her well!

  4. P.s. I haven’t started looking for a flower girl dress but I want something very simple, white so I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

  5. SO cute!!! And I love your idea of gold flats and a pomander. It’s going to look perfect! The grandmother of our flower girls made our FG dresses and they were exactly what I wanted!

  6. Simply darling!

    We had some issues – mainly because our flowergirl is so tiny. We were unable to find dresses that came in small enough sizes! We even ended up buying ours at Dillard’s (like Macy’s or Nordstroms).

  7. kjpugs

    Aww she looks so cute in it!!! Perfection!

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