Shower & Bachelorette Extravaganza, Part Two

Last we left off, my sister and I had a relaxing morning complete with massages and delicious brunch.  Soon, it was time to head to the shower!

The shower was held at a local hotel that was a good mid-point for both the guests from Milwaukee and the guests from Madison.  We arrived right before the shower was to start, so most of the guests were there already.  Here was the beautiful spread:

Table Settings Table Settings:  Matched our wedding colors!  The paddles with the As you see in front of the place settings were for a really fun trivia game we played.  The white sheets of paper were a wedding crossword puzzle all about me and Dr. Groomy that my bridesmaid KDoc created!

Food Spread  The Food Spread.  The girls went with hors d’eourves type foods, since they also planned a dinner out for me later on in the day.  All of the food (and punch! yum!) was so delicious!

Cake! The Cake.  Recognize anything about it?  Bridesmaid Michelle had it designed to go with our Rehearsal Dinner theme and centerpieces
Awesome, no?  It was SO delicious. 

Once all the guests had arrived, we mixed and mingled…and ate and played a few games too!  I took some time to snap pictures with as many people as I could:

Schappe Family
This is most of the women from my Mom’s side of the family.
Front Row:  Aunt Kathy, Cousin Brittany, Cousin Brooke, Aunt Teresa
Back Row:  MOH (and sister) Ali, Me, Mom, Personal Attendant (and Cousin) Erin, Grandma

Jordan & Amy
This is me and my friend Jordan.  She hates this photo but I think it’s darling.  She’s one of our readers!

Jeanne & Amy
Old College Roommate Jeanne.  We recently reconnected in the last year or so, and it’s been great having her in my life again!

Siewicz & Amy
Good Friend Siewicz (a nickname based off her incredibly long and difficult to pronounce last name).  She flew all the way from North Carolina to be here (she attended both my shower and her 10 year high school reunion on this day).

Mary Sue - Shari
Me with my future MIL Mary (left) and Aunt Shari.

Teri & Bets
Me with my cousins Teri (left) & Betsy.

Book Club 1
Book Club Girls, 1

Book Club 2  Book Club Girls, 2

The one thing I forgot was getting a picture with all of my bridesmaids. So there’s a quick tip:  make sure you do that!  They all looked so lovely and I really regret and wish I would have remembered to capture that.

After games, food, and talk, I got to opening some gifts!  My friends and family were so generous.  I can’t wait to use everything we received!


Gifts 2 
Then, it was time to wrap things up.  I made sure to thank everyone, and then it was time to head to dinner!  Stay tuned for part three!

Missed part one?  Catch up here.

*All photos by Bridesmaid Hayley.  Thanks lady!



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9 responses to “Shower & Bachelorette Extravaganza, Part Two

  1. 1. Your hair looks awesome! So does Ali’s!

    2. This looks insanely beautiful, and I love the attention to details!!

    3. Congratulations!

    4. You look gorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely! They did a great job with the decor. My shower is in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to it!

  3. This party looks like so much fun! These ladies thought of everything 🙂

  4. kjpugs

    So fun! I love your dress and the decor. Also LOVE that your old roommate’s name is Jeanne. That’s my middle name!!! Does she pronounce it Jean too?

  5. Looks like a beautiful shower! Love your dress. My shower hostesses matched the decor of the shower to our wedding colors, as well. So thoughtful! Can you hurry up with the bachelorette party recap already?!?

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  7. Everything looked so cute! Love the food spread and the cake 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time! Cute pictures!

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