The Catholic Ceremony, Part One

We finalized our ceremony last week and I am so excited about it!  It is all finally starting to feel real, if you know what I mean!  I think that sometimes, with long engagements, it feels like your wedding day is never going to come.  I am so happy and excited to say that we are now 39 DAYS AWAY!

As I’ve mentioned previously, Dr. Groomy and I are having a full Catholic mass for our ceremony.   This was really important to us.  I am a pretty liberal person and while I don’t agree with all of the Church’s teachings (and in fact, I think some of them are downright archaic), my faith is really important to me…and it’s really important to both of us, as a couple.  I thought I’d give you guys a quick breakdown of what a Catholic Wedding Mass is like.  Now, Catholic masses are generally long, and the wedding mass even moreso.  This post will be broken up into a few separate posts so I don’t bore you too much!  Let’s get started, shall we?  Welcome to your crash course in Catholic weddings!

The outside of our lovely church.  Sooo excited!

Introductory Rites:  This includes the Gathering of the Assembly (when ushers will greet and seat guests), as well as the Procession (which I will speak about more in depth when I post about our music selections), the Opening Hymn (which everybody sings), and the Opening Prayer.

Liturgy of the Word:  This is all of our readings.  When I first was writing this post, I had listed out all of the readings, with explanations for why we chose them.  This got really boring, really quick, and it was hard for me to explain in depth why we chose them…so I decided to just give you a quick rundown of each (Note:  For people who are against organized religion or have issues with Catholicism, it would be hard to explain in depth why we chose certain readings.  Frankly, I don’t feel like getting into a discussion about it on the blog, though I gladly will discuss via email and share our reasoning with anyone who wants to comment or email me!).

First Reading:  The first reading is always from the Old Testament.  We selected Sirach, Chapter 26, Verses 1-4 & 13-16.  Click on this link to read it.  Basically, we picked this reading as reminder to each other that we are the most important thing in each other’s lives (yes, even before children, which could be a whole ‘nother blog post in and of itself.  I will gladly get into our reasoning about this another time, if you guys are interested.  Suffice it to say, I read a lot of new mommy blogs and sometimes I just want to scream at the women, “Um, you still have a husband you know!”). 

Responsorial Psalm:  This is a psalm that is sung after the first reading.  It is chanted by the cantor (who leads the assembly in singing throughout the mass) and includes a refrain that everyone sings.  We chose Psalm 103, The Lord is Kind & Merciful.  Click here to listen to an excerpt.

Second Reading:  The second reading is always from the New Testament.  We chose Romans, Chapter 15, Verses 1b-3a, 5-7, and 13.  Again, this reading offers advice to those entering marriage.  The reading speaks about learning to love not just each other’s strengths, but also faults, and striving to be a supportive partner.  Click here to read it!

Gospel Acclamation:   A series of Alleluias coupled with a short psalm that is sung by everyone.

Gospel:   We chose Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 13-16.  Click here to read.  This gospel talks about selfless love, and reminds us that although we are the center of attention on our wedding day, we need to continue to be a light or beacon for others even after that day, by showing caring, concern, and love to our friends, family, and those in need.

Homily:  Here, the priest digests and explains the readings for all those present.  Our priest, Father Mike, is awesome and we are so excited to hear what he has to say on our wedding day.

Next up, the Rite of Marriage.  Stay tuned!

OMG we will be standing there in 39 DAYS getting married!  Yay!

What kind of ceremony are you having/did you have?



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12 responses to “The Catholic Ceremony, Part One

  1. Although I no longer practice, I think it’s great that this is something you feel so strongly about. Having sat through hundreds of Sunday masses and a few Catholic weddings, I know how crazy this stuff must look to an outsider. I personally don’t mind the length of Catholic weddings.

    And DUDE, I totally know how you feel about the long engagement thing. It was like 2 weeks before the wedding and I was still “Oh we have SO much time!” Lol, not really, Em.

  2. Wow, there really is so much involved with Catholic ceremonies. Sounds great.. the church is beautiful! 🙂

  3. This is interesting. I’ve never been to a Catholic wedding so it’s cool to read what its like. I’m sure it will be beautiful and moving!

    Our wedding is only 30+ days away too! We’re getting so close!

  4. Our wedding is 31 days away!!! SO excited!! We are having a Catholic wedding as well. 🙂

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  6. kjpugs

    I grew up Catholic and much of my family still is. It is a beautiful religion but I found my “fit” in Presbyterianism. But I don’t doubt it will be beautiful- they ALWAYS rock – and I’m glad you feel strongly about it!

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  8. That chuch is absolutely gorgeous! We had a non-denominational wedding and we decided not to get married in a church. My foster parents are a lesbian couple and we have found it hard to find a church that believes the way we do.

    Our ceremony focused on our relationship and our families support for us.

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