Oh. Em. Gee……..

We are officially

One Month 
away from the big day! 

Guys.  I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but honestly? I cannot believe it.  I remember when I first started this blog, and we were 20 months out.  Then we were a year out.  Then we were 100 days out.  And now, suddenly, we are one month away! I am so, so, so happy and excited.

Today would be a good day to check in on the list, hey?  You can see the previous list from last month hereAs of today, ONE MONTH (!!!!) out, we have this left to do (my notes are in Italics):

Make-Up Trial. [This week or next!]

Dress Fittings. [Finishing up next week]
Finalize Accessories. [I think this is done…I just purchased some jewelry and need to get a hair accessory this weekend]
Find something old, new, borrowed, blue. [Freaking out about this! Well, not really, but I have no idea what I am using for old, borrowed or blue]
Finalize bridesmaid jewelry. [I am honestly freaking about this—I am having real trouble finding some I like!]

Create song play and do-not-play lists. [Doing this weekend]
Finalize music selections for special dances (first dance, mother-of-the-groom, anniversary dance, etc). [This is pretty much finalized—still need to decide on anniversary dance and grand march]

Make wedding favors. [This is, alas, the one major thing we will be doing the week of the wedding.  We are making popcorn favors—I will post about this soon!]
Create out-of-town bags: [Will be finished next week after my mom and I go shopping for the bag’s items]
–Create labels and label water bottles [Label created, water bottles bought next week]
–Purchase snacks and treats to go inside bags [Next week]
Purchase Guest Book. [This weekend—we are doing a picture frame with a signature mat!]
Finish Table Numbers. [Also this weekend—I am working on them as we speak!]

Finalize flower arrangements. [Tomorrow!]
Final meeting with the Cathedral Musical Director. [Likely next week]
Finalize the menu for the rehearsal dinner. [This weekend!]
Finalize, finish purchasing, and wrap the attendant & parent gifts. [Likely next week]
Finish aisle pomanders. [This weekend!  I only have 1.5 left to do]
Finish kids packs for the children attending the wedding. [Also this weekend.  They are done, I just need to package them up nicely]

Draft seating chart. [Will start next week after all RSVPs are in]
Create escort cards. [Will do the week after next (two weeks before wedding)]
Apply for marriage license. [NEXT WEEK, woo woo!!!]
Meet with photographer to discuss day’s schedule and finalize shot list.  [Hopefully next week]
Meet with DJ (our Emcee) to discuss day’s schedule. [Next week—we can do it via email, so I plan to get that done after this weekend when we finalize everything]

Final dress fittings; pick up dress from salon. [Week of wedding]
Final tux fitting for Dr. Groomy; pick up tuxes. [Week of wedding]
Final head count to caterer. [September 29]
Drop off everything for reception at reception site—family pictures, wedding dresses, mannequins, escort cards, table numbers, day-of schedule, vendor contacts, favors, etc. [Monday, October 4]
Confirm all wedding day beauty appointments. [Two weeks before wedding]
Organize tipping envelopes. [Week of wedding]

Mani-pedi. [Day before wedding]
Relax, enjoy the week, and spend time welcoming family and friends. [Hopefully the whole wedding week!  The only things to do will be pick up what we’re wearing, drop things off at the venue, get a mani-pedi and package up our favors on Thursday with the help of our best man & maid of honor.  I am working Monday-Wednesday that week and then have Thursday-Friday and the whole next week off for our honeymoon, which I will also post about soon.  Yay!]
GET HITCHED!! [October 9, 2010]

It looks like a lot, but honestly, it feels really manageable to me.  A couple of marathon wedding sessions on the weekend and about half of this stuff is knocked off.  So that’s where we stand, one month before the big day.

How far along are you in your wedding planning?  If you’re already married, any tips for me for this last month?

*The One Month graphic was created by me in Microsoft Word. 
Please ask permission before using!*



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4 responses to “Oh. Em. Gee……..

  1. YAY!! Our date is two days behind your’s and looking at your list, I see we’re on the same track! I also plan to have everything done by the week of the wedding so I can just relax those last few days. I’ve been taking a little break from planning this week but like you, a few evenings of knocking things out and we’ll be fine. Can’t believe we’re so close!!

  2. emilyaburwell

    Yay! It does look like a lot, but it’s very similar to what I had left a month before the wedding. So you’re totally on track for a fairly stress-free wedding week! I’ll tell you, giving the final payment/head count/table assignments to the venue made it SO real. It was probably the first thing that really smacked me in the face and let me know “This is happening, we’re REALLY doing it.”

  3. It looks like a long list, but you’re right – It’s totally manageable! I am SO excited for you. This next month flies by, so be sure to enjoy your last days as a fiance – It’s kind of sad after the wedding knowing you’ll never (hopefully) get to do all of the ‘bride’ stuff again. And don’t lose sight of the fact that the important thing is that you’ll be married at the end of the day regardless of whether everything gets done or goes perfectly. David and I had an argument (out of my stress) and then we both realized, ‘What are we arguing about?! We get married in two weeks!’

  4. Huge congrats!! It’s getting SO close!! We are 22 days out and it’s becoming more and more real every day! Love it!!! : )

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