Leader of the (Kids’) Packs

Another day, another lame blog post title.  My title-naming creativity is just zapped!  Forgive me, dear readers!

Today I want to show you our Kids’ Packs!  I’ve had these done for awhile but hadn’t packaged them up until this past weekend. 

First, a preface.  We have invited some children to our wedding, but not all children.  Basically, we just took it on a case-by-case basis, and if we had a relationship with the child in question, they were invited.  I know some etiquette experts will poo-poo on our strategy and say it should be an “all or nothing” type decision, but hey, it’s our wedding and let’s face it—there were just some kids we were NOT going to leave out.  That being said, we want to make sure we keep them entertained at this grown-up event!  Enter:  the Kids’ Packs.


Each pack contains the following:

017   BOYS
(Coloring book, crayons, dinosaur toy & kissing wand)

(Coloring book, crayons, bracelet & kissing wand)

Yes, they are gender-specific.  Sue me for not promoting feminism to the five-year-old set.

“Ah, but what are kissing wands?” You ask.  They are an unnecessary craft project that struck my fancy one afternoon in the wood products aisle at JoAnn Fabrics.  Up close, they look like this:

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 070 
Each one is tied with a ribbon and has a tiny tag with a poem that reads:

The Bride & Groom
Are the picture of bliss
So wave this wand
When you want them to kiss!

I don’t know if the kids will really use them—and we’ll certainly kiss if people clink their glasses instead since not all guests will have these—but I thought they would be a cute addition to the kids packs. 

Want to know how to make them?  Of course you do!  Here’s a quick and dirty DIY!

For this project you will need:
* Wooden shapes, found at most craft stores
* Dowel rods
* Paint
* Paint brushes
* Glue gun

Here’s what the shapes looked like when I first started out:

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 064  GermanFest & Wedding DIY 066

Obviously, the lips did not need painting, as I bought those pre-painted and only had to glue on the dowel rods.  So, I set those aside and got to painting my other pieces.  I decided to use red and pink paint, since those are “lovey-dovey” colors.

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 065

Once your pieces have painted and you have given them time to dry (you might need a few coats), use your glue gun to attach the smaller piece (in this case the heart) to the bigger piece (in this case the circle).

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 067

Next, flip your pieces over and attach your dowel rod.  I found that a glue gun worked just fine for this.  Press down hard to make sure it holds tight!

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 068

Let them dry…

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 069

And voila!  Kissing wands.  

GermanFest & Wedding DIY 070
I then printed the tags with the above-mentioned poem and tied them on with a ribbon.  Seriously gang, this project was so easy.  I could easily see these guys exploding into other things—not just kissing wands for weddings, but perhaps using multiple wands for bridal or baby shower centerpieces, kids’ birthday parties, and more.  The sky’s the limit on these as they are SO easy to do.

I packaged the kissing wands, coloring books, crayons and gender-specific toys into kraft paper gift bags.  Add some black tissue paper, tie a ribbon & a tag on each bag (with each child’s name on it) and you’ve got yourself a useful yet chic way to keep the kids entertained at a formal event!


We are not having a dedicated kids table, so we plan to have the venue place these bags on each child’s seat at their respective tables.  This also doubles as a way to not disturb the formal place settings. 

Did you invite children to your wedding?  What are you doing/did you do to keep them entertained?

*All photos by me…don’t use ‘em without permission.



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10 responses to “Leader of the (Kids’) Packs

  1. How fun! We did a kids’ table and it was a huge hit! I’m so glad we did. I loved seeing the coloring pages afterward and it was so cute watching them on the dance floor with their glow sticks!

  2. I absolutely *love* the idea of kissing wands! 🙂 Seriously super cute (and I think you may have started a trend….)

  3. Jennifer

    Those kissing wands are adorable! I love them!

  4. kjpugs

    That is so cute! And unless you know some tomboys, I think the gender-specific bags are perfect!

  5. So cute! We’re going to have bags for each kid at our wedding too, filled with some activities. We aren’t having a specific kids’ table but we’ll make sure each kid gets their bag. Love the wand idea!

  6. The wands are adorable!

  7. Dad

    Too cool. Don’t worry they’ll use them I’ll see to that!!!!

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