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So, as I told you on Monday, I finished a lot of miscellaneous projects this past weekend.  One of them was a project I have had in mind for a long time, but wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do.  Then I was a really lucky bride who had multiple showers, and I knew it would work!

BRIDESMAIDS:  PLEASE LEAVE NOW.  This is a little somethin’ somethin’ fun for you!









I don’t know where I first saw or heard this idea, but someone once said to me that it’s always good to have your bridesmaids practice holding their bouquets, just as the bride does, for good placement during pictures.  So, since I had two shower bouquets, I used the one from my first shower thrown by Brad’s parents to create mini rehearsal bouquets for each of my bridesmaids!


I used some leftover silk flowers from our rehearsal dinner centerpieces,  some bows from my first shower bouquet, small paper plates, pipe cleaners, and a few pieces of ribbon I had laying around the house.  I also used some Crate and Barrel grosgrain ribbon from a few of our wedding gifts to wrap each stem! 


And from the side.  Notice the cat hunting an unsuspecting bird on our deck!

I know that a lot of people probably think this project was totally unnecessary, and I am sure it is.  But, it only took me around 20 minutes and now each of the girls has a mini bouquet to rehearse with when I rehearse with my big bouquet!  I thought it would be a fun little extra.  I plan to create a lollipop aisle pomander and ring bearer “pillow” for our little ones to practice with, too!

A quick word on proper bouquet placement:  Don’t carry your bouquet too high or too low! A great tip I learned is to think about keeping your thumb near your belly button, so that your forearms fall nicely across your pelvis, like so:


For more great tips on holding your bouquet, check out this GREAT blog post by Monica from the former White Box of Wedding Design here in Milwaukee (sadly, now closed).  It has some great pictures of the right and wrong ways to hold your flowers!

Besides proper bouquet placement, what are some other tips you can share for bridesmaids?  I’ll go first…my number one tip?  SMILE when you’re walking down the aisle!!

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.  Please do not use them without my permission!



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12 responses to “For Practice

  1. GENIUS! Amy, I’m telling you, you are a freaking genius. This is such a smart idea. I think your girls will appreciate this…I know I would! And yes, SMILE is my number 1 tip. Pretty much all of my BMs are frowning in the pics of them walking down the aisle. And I’ll admit, I’m upset about it. I should have said something at the rehearsal or before the ceremony. Another tip? Don’t walk too fast, but don’t walk too slow. I guess this is why we have rehersals lol.

  2. YES! This is a great idea! Some girls just look awkward holding a bouquet, and it’s good for them to practice too! I didn’t even have a rehearsal bouquet (yea, I’m not sure how that happened) but it would’ve been great for all the ladies to have one!

    And I echo Em – Tell them to SMILE! Don’t think too hard and stress about tripping, because you’ll just look angry in the pictures.

  3. Those are cute, and one can never practice holding a bouquet too much. I’m being serious, some bridesmaids look ridiculous carrying them way too high.
    One lesson I learned from the last wedding I was in: it’s okay to stay sober until your speech, but don’t try to cram in all of the drinking that you missed in the remaining time. You won’t like yourself the next day!
    (okay, this can be for anyone)

  4. Jen

    LOVE these; excellent idea! Hmm tips…Like you said, how to hold your bouquet (mine were all over the place, up down etc), definitely to SMILE, to walk at the pace we practiced and stay the correct # of pews behind the girl in front of you (My bridesmaids were supposed to be like 1/2 the aisle apart from each other, one was so nervous I guess that she ended up being like 3 pews behind the one in front of her that there’s not even a picture of her coming down the aisle because it was impossible for the photog to catch it!). That’s all I can think of right now!

  5. Good idea…not applicable for my BMs though, since they’ll have wrist corsages, not bouquets. I’m sure rehearsing holding the bouquet would really help make those wedding photos look better. 🙂

  6. Great idea! I echo the tip to smile and also, don’t look down as you’re walking! When I was a bridesmaid, I was told right before walking out where to hold my bouquet. So if you have a DOC, I’d suggest having her remind the bridesmaids right before they start walking to hold the bouquet at the correct place and also smile. I was so happy to be walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid, I didn’t need to be reminded to smile but it sounds like not everyone smiles automatically.

  7. I LOVE that you made rehearsal bouquets for your BMs! I wanted to do this for my BMs but never got around to it :/ Fail! And then I forgot my ribbon bouquet at home 1 hr away from my rehearsal, so I didn’t have one either. Fail!

  8. raincloudchick

    That is a great idea Amy 🙂

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  10. kjpugs

    SO TRUE! Although my girls walked arm in arm with the dudes so it helped them hold them. But I love this idea!

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