*That’s “cute, yet unnecessary” in my blog lingo, kids.  Here’s another round of fun projects to add a touch of whimsy to the wedding weekend events!

First up, you’ll remember the cutesy surprise I made for my bridesmaids for the rehearsal? [BRIDESMAIDS: Don’t click!]  I had to make a cute surprise for our ring bearer and flower girl, too!

Enter, the practice pomander and ring pillow:

More Wedding 026

Oh yes, I did.  These were easy peasy!

For the ring bearer pillow, I used a piece of styrofoam and a clear container I had leftover from random wedding gifts.  I glued a yellow ribbon around the styrofoam piece, then glued the whole thing into the clear container (to make it easier to carry!).  The last step was sticking in some lollipops!

More Wedding 016

Eh voila, a practice ring bearer pillow:


003  Side

For the pomander, I used a styrofoam ball and some ribbon to create the pomander itself.  Next, I added some tulle flowers I whipped up using the tutorial I used for the first version of our pomanders.  Lastly, I stuck stuck stuck the lollipops and flowers all over the ball.

More Wedding 017

And behold, a practice pomander!

More Wedding 025

Cute, no?  I need to trim up the tulle on the pomander a bit, but overall, I am happy with how these turned out and think they’ll be fun for the kids to use at rehearsal.

Another CYU project finished this weekend?  Chair signs.  I don’t know if I have spoken about this before, but we are not having a head table at our reception.  Instead, we are sitting with our parents and our best man and maid of honor, while our bridal party and their dates will be seated at two tables flanking us on either side.  I’ll explain this more in depth later this week when I discuss our seating chart, but needless to say, since we’re sitting at a regular round table, I knew I wanted to have special signs for our chairs!  I mean, look at all this cute inspiration:

Chair Signs 1

Chair Signs 2

Chair Signs 3
(Source via Source)

I knew I wanted to take a bit more “cheeky” route than these signs though…so, after perusing some more inspiration from the blogosphere, I created these:

More Wedding 028

Oh, what’s that?  You can’t read them?  Here you go:

More Wedding 029


Yep, I went there!  I used the same sparkly gold cardstock as our table numbers, mounted the signs on black cardstock, and finished with a ribbon.  I LOVE the way they turned out, and think that any guest who notices will get a big kick out of them.

What fun projects did you tackle in the weeks leading up to your wedding?

*All photos, unless noted, are mine.  Did you see that I also updated my DIY page?



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13 responses to “CYU*

  1. I’m impressed by all of your DIY projects! The pomander and ring pillow are SO cute, though now they’re going to get high on sugar when they see those lollipops 😉 I debated making signs for our chairs but we’re going to be at a sweetheart table with our seats facing a wall so it’s not worth it. But your signs are hilarious!

  2. Lol, love the signs! I tackled about half of our DIY projects in the weeks leading up to the wedding (after graduation and moving back home). And you just reminded me I need to make a DIY page on my blog – I’ve been meaning to for months!

  3. Again, I love everything. I’m a broken record. I love that you’re not doing a head table, either, but I’ll save that comment for the post you’re going to do about it 🙂

  4. Super cute!!! I love the signs — a very unique and funny take on chair signs! And, I’m sure your ringbearer and flower girl will *love* the lollipops!

  5. Mom

    LOL on the chair signs Amy!!! I want one for Dad & me for our kitchen!!!

  6. Holy moly the practice ring pillow and pomander are adorable! You better believe I’m glad I’m already married. I would have copied that in a heart beat!

  7. I bet the kids will love those. Maybe give them a toothbrush, too!?!

    We’re doing seating similar to yours. Hmmm . . special sign . . . I’ve got nothing else to do right now . . .

  8. Bree

    i love the idea of wedding signs!! and yours are so awesome! and of course -right!!!

  9. Bree

    and i hope you plan to help Caleb eat all those lollipops! whoa baby!

  10. kjpugs

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! I can’t believe how adorable they are! Great job!

  11. Love the lollipop ring bearer ‘pillow’ and flower girl ball! So cute! The chair signs are very cute too… creative and sassy 🙂

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