11 Days to Go…

…and so, here we are.

11 Days

 I didn’t get a chance to update you on the list last week, so let’s have a look, shall we?  (My notes, once again, are in Italics).

Make-Up Trial. [So, this is basically done.  I know what/how I am doing things for my base, blush, lip color, mascara.  My bridesmaid KDoc is doing my eyes, and I just need to select a shadow.  She’s AMAZING at makeup, so I am not worried about it—makeup is one of those things I just really don’t care about.  As long as I look nice, I’ll be happy!]

Finalize Accessories.  [This too is basically done.  I have a few pairs of earrings selected, and I know what bracelets I am wearing.  I still need to find a necklace, but I know where I am going for that and I am just going to buy a couple of options and have my girls help me decide that day.  Again, I am not too worried about it!]

Make wedding favors. [This will be done Thursday before the wedding.  We have a plan of attack, some helpers enlisted, and I purchased all the supplies already—we are doing popcorn favors, if you’ll remember.  I also have the logo stickers designed and the packaging purchased, so it will really be an assembly line that day to get them packed up.  I think it will be a fun bonding experience for all of us who are doing it.]

Meet with photographer to discuss day’s schedule and finalize shot list. [This week!]

Final tux fitting for Dr. Groomy; pick up tuxes. [Thursday before wedding]
Drop off everything for reception
at reception site—family pictures, wedding dresses, mannequins, escort cards, table numbers, day-of schedule, vendor contacts, favors, etc. [Next Monday!]
Confirm all wedding day beauty appointments. [This week!]
Organize tipping envelopes. [After pay day this week, hahaha!]

Mani-pedi. [Scheduled an appointment for me and my Maid of Honor/sister on Friday, October 8.  She was the only one who was able to go with me that day, but that is ok, as I am looking forward to having some good sister bonding time that morning!]
Relax, enjoy the week, and spend time welcoming family and friends. [Basically, starting now.  I will be a yoga/workout queen these last few days!]
GET HITCHED!! [Saturday, October 9]

Um, peeps.  Do you know what this means?  It means that basically, we are ready to get married.  WOW!  I have just a few last minute things to take care of…a few extra out of town bags, finishing up the escort cards with my friend Liz on Thursday, finalize the information packets for the bridal party and vendors…but otherwise, we’re pretty much done. 

So how do I feel?  I feel…weird.  I am excited, definitely.  And I go through various stages of excitement throughout the day.  But I also feel…sadness?  No, that’s not the right word.  I feel…odd.  We have been planning this for SOOOOOOO LONG and now suddenly, it’s here and all coming to an end.  My DIY projects are, essentially, finished.  And while I am relieved to have this time to relax and reflect, I am also oddly sad that it’s all about to be over. 

I also feel…overwhelmed.  Not from things that need to be done, no…but from the sheer excitement that I am feeling and the excitement that others have expressed to me.  It is overwhelming, there is no other way to state it.  I can’t IMAGINE how I’ll feel on the actual day, surrounded and loved by friends and family.  I am so emotional about it now, I don’t know how I will be that day.

So there’s your status report kids, hot off the presses from 11 days out.  And tell me:  how did you feel about your wedding day?  Were you on the same emotional roller coaster I am?



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8 responses to “11 Days to Go…

  1. You’re sooooo close! 🙂 I totally remember feeling overwhelmed with everything, too. Try to take it all in as much as you can, and enjoy every minute!

  2. Jennifer

    So excited for you! I’ve had such a good time reading your blog and keeping up with your preparations. I cannot wait to read how it all turned out. I’m sure it’s going to be an incredible, memorable day. Congrats to you, Amy!

  3. I’m slightly dying for you right now. SO CLOSE! I remember feeling extremely excited and just ready for it to get here. As you know, we had a very long engagement, so after 22 months of planning all I wanted to do was get married and have this damn wedding. My emotions were also all over the place and I cried…a lot and very randomly. Happy tears, sad tears, sappy tears. You name it.

    A few weeks ago I actually went back and looked at my tweets from the wedding week. Apparently I was bat-sh*t crazy and had zero motivation to do ANYTHING. Also, a LOT of little things made me mad. Just remember that week, you’re acting totally normal for a crazy person. Count your blessings that you’re like 90% done w/ everything 🙂

  4. I feel like the stress from a few weeks ago is finally going away and I’m excited again about our wedding, which is two days after yours! We have very little left to do as well and I’m just excited it’s almost here. 🙂

  5. I’m SO excited for you, honeypie. You have done such a wonderful job planning what is going to be a beautiful and memorable wedding. I can’t wait to share it with you (and help you with any last-minute hang-ups and errands, if there are any).
    I can only hope my wedding goes off as smoothly in its homestretch as yours is…
    Take it easy, breathe easy and do not hesitate to ask for help; you’ve earned it.
    Love you!!

  6. You are doing awesome! All you’ll have left to do is soak up the beauty rituals! Hooray!

    Oh, and wear your lovely dress, walking down the aisle to see the future hubby!

    It’s soooooo close! YAY!

  7. runawaysara

    It’s normal to feel “sadness” at the close of a HUGE event you’ve been planning, I can only imagine how it must feel for your own wedding. I guess this means you’ll just have to follow your calling to be a professional party planner and do this for a living!

    I’m excited to be part of your “week of” relaxation next week!

  8. you don’t need party planners if you are just going to hold a very small party for your personal friends `~”

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