What’s for Dinner?

Or, the post about our menu cards!

I love the way these turned out.  Here’s a quick tutorial!

DIY Menu Cards
Cardstock or decorative paper for the actual menus (I used the same shimmery gold cardstock as our table numbers and other paper products) 
Cardstock for the backing
Paper Cutter
Double-sided Tape
Rhinestones or other decorative element

First up, you’ll want to design your menu in Microsoft Word.  I sized mine to be just under the 5×7 size, so that when they were backed with cardstock, the menus were about 5×7 total.  Print two to a sheet (or more if you are doing skinny menus!)

Menus, etc 001

Next, you’ll need to cut your menus out.  When designing, I used a light gray line to give me the boundaries of each menu, so I would know where to cut and they would all be the same size!


Cut, cut, cut some more, until you have a pile of menus (240 to be exact) that look like these…

Menu Stacks

…and a piles of scraps that look like these!


If you’re lucky, you’ll have a helper to help you cut:

Helper(Mom, seriously.  Aren’t you done with this wedding crap yet?) 

Next, you’ll need to mount your menu to your cardstock backing.  I used basic black.  Using double-sided tape or the adhesive method of your choice, again mount two menus to each sheet.



Then, you’ll cut, cut, cut those, until you have a stack of completed menus.  Now it’s time to embellish!  I bought this pack of rhinestones at JoAnn Fabrics.  We will also be using it for our escort cards…there were 700 rhinestones on this one sheet! 


Place a rhinestone just under the “Menu” designation on each menu…

Up close

And voila!  A completed dinner menu.  I love the way they look!  The fonts I used were Chopin Script and Copperplate Gothic Light, which were both used throughout our paper products.


And here’s what guests will see when they pull them out of their napkins:

Full Menu

So, what is for dinner?

First Course:
Bibb Salad – Boston Bibb lettuce, roasted roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and shaved parmesan cheese, served with Italian herbs vinaigrette

Tuscan Chicken – one-half chicken, crisply roasted in the traditional Tuscan style with rosemary & garlic, served with French green beans & roasted potatoes


Shrimp Cavattapi – gulf shrimp tossed in light pesto cream sauce, with zucchini squash & cherry tomatoes

Wedding Cake – Spice cake with vanilla bean pastry cream & cream cheese-white chocolate buttercream

YUM.  Can’t wait!

Did you do menus for your wedding?  Are you planning to?

*All photos by me!



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10 responses to “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Your dinner choices sound delicious!! Guests will certainly have full and happy tummies 🙂

    Love the menus (as I’ve loved all of your paper products.) We didn’t do them because…I was lazy? I don’t know. I guess I just didn’t think I needed them. But I do love going to weddings that have menus!

  2. Beautimous, my dear. And now my tummy is grumbling… 😉

  3. Mom

    Seriously Amy, you are working in the wrong field. You should be a wedding planner!!
    The big day is almost here!!!

  4. TD

    The spice cake is stupid good.

  5. Ali

    I know someone who actually needs/wants a wedding planner and I *almost* said, “Call my sister!”– I agree with mom.

    and I agree with Terry.

  6. kjpugs

    OMG. I love your menu! It sounds delicious!

  7. jessica

    what’s the printer you used to print out the menus? I keep getting smeared cardstock 😦

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