The Tale of Two Rings

*** Editor’s Note:  I posted the correct answers under each picture.  Good guesses, everyone!  Thanks for playing along, guys!  ***

This is the tale of two rings,

Both shiny, wonderful things.

To be worn on the hand

Of the lady of the land.

So she could show off some bling.

Ring Pictures 001

007  *
(Top picture is the real ring, bottom picture is the fake ring)

Yet one of these rings was a fake,

An important distinction to make.

The fake ring was bought

Years prior for naught

So the girl could imagine her fate.

Ring  **
(Real ring)

Then imagine her shock and surprise,

When a real ring was brought before her eyes

By the love of her life

A guy twice as nice

Who wanted them to share their lives.

I Do 2

The real ring was nearly the one

As the fake she had bought just for fun!

Exactly what she would have picked–

That’s how much she and the groom clicked–

That he knew it was the most perfect one.

Random Pics 012
(Real ring)

Fast forward almost two years

The wedding is just about here!

In goes her ring

To get shined up and things,

And out comes the fake to stay clear.

(Fake ring)

So what’s the lesson that can be learned?

Don’t let your eyesight fool your turn!

Which one is fake?

It’s your distinction to make

And comment for 10 bonus points earned.***

* Photos by me.
** Photos by Sarah Immel Photography.
***So, can you tell which one is fake and which one is real?  There is more than one photo of the fake ring and the real ring on this page.  10 points to anyone who guesses correctly, haha!



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8 responses to “The Tale of Two Rings

  1. Mom

    Cute poem! The real ring is on the apple!

  2. I was going to agree with your mom. The fake is on the Eiffel tower. 🙂

  3. I also think that the fake one is in the second hand picture. But if that’s your real ring . . . I hope I don’t offend you. It’s probably just the lighting.

  4. TD

    The Eiffel tower is fake. Not the ring, the actual Eiffel tower.

  5. My guess is the ring in the second picture of your hand, which I think is the same ring on the apple.

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  7. kjpugs

    That is CRAZY!!!! What are the chances. I love this story.

  8. Very neat. I can’t tell which is real or fake! They both look great, and how neat you could wear the fake when on vacation or something..

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