A Little Something, Something

Last night I finally completed the collection of my somethings, so I thought I would share them with you today!  Here they are:

Somethings 001

My something old is actually two things.  Traditions say that the something old should represent continuity with the bride’s family, so I made sure to look for something that would come from my side.  I found two perfect things!

Somethings 002 
My something olds will be my grandmother’s pearl ring and the purse my mother carried on her wedding day.  I chose my grandmother’s pearl ring because way back in the day I posted about how rad she was—a true dame in every sense of the word.  I always thought I would wear her pearls on my wedding day, but with my dress, they just don’t look quite right.  This is a perfect compromise…a piece of her will still be with me, and in the form of pearls!

Somethings 003

I am also excited to carry my mom’s wedding purse.  It’s not really my style, to be totally honest, but I love that my mom carried it for her wedding.  It just seems fitting, no?  My amazing attendant, Erin, is carrying a huge bag with emergency goodies for me and all of the bridesmaids, so I won’t need to put much in this purse except some lipstick, kleenex, and my new camera (my wedding gift from Brad—I’ll do a post on that soon!). 

My something new is my dress, which I am not going to post here anymore.  You’ve all see it before!  If you haven’t, you can search for it by hitting “Dress & Attire” on the right side of the page…over here. ————->

Somethings 006 
My something borrowed is very dear to me.  Tradition says that the something borrowed should come from a happily married couple, and Dr. Groomy & I are so lucky to be surrounded by lots of those.  My bridesmaids are mostly made up of my college friends, but the girls from my book club are near and dear to my heart as well and I wanted them to be represented with me on my wedding day.  Thus, my book club friend Liz graciously offered to lend me her rosary for the day. It was her grandmother’s rosary, and Liz carried it on her own wedding day.  It’s such a special treat for me!

Somethings 007 
And finally, my something blue is a bit untraditional.  I knew I wanted to incorporate a signature scent into our wedding day—something I had never worn before, so that whenever I wear it again, it reminds both me and Dr. Groomy of our wedding day.  Scent has the power to take me right back to a place and time in my life, and I knew this would be a great way to help keep the memories of the day alive.

I found the perfect scent at Kohl’s, of all places! I picked True by Faith Hill, not only because I loved the way it smelled, but because the packaging and indeed, the tint of the perfume are actually blue!  Plus, I love the connotations of “True Blue.”

So, there you have it…my somethings!  It took me awhile to get them together but I am kind of glad it did—they are all thoughtful choices that really mean a lot to me.

What did you carry/do you plan on carrying for your somethings?

P.S.  I posted the answers to The Tale of Two Rings this morning.  Go check out the post to see if you were right!



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8 responses to “A Little Something, Something

  1. Something old: sparkly old, antique purse
    Something borrowed: sixpence
    Something new: my dress
    Something blue: my shoes!

  2. I wore my grandma’s ring, too! Although it was my something borrowed (and I secretly wanted to keep it because I love it so much.) The rosary is gorgeous, too 🙂 Ps, um you’re getting married next weekend. Juuuust wanted to remind you in case you, you know, forgot.

  3. Mom

    The purse that I carried on my wedding day was hand made by a close friend of Grandma’s. She died several years ago, but I am sure she is happy to see that you are using it on your wedding day!
    I know it is not your style, but it is definitely old – 31 years to be exact :}

  4. I love what you did for your something blue! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before! And I’m with you–scent can totally take you back!

  5. These are all amazing, thoughtful choices. I love how “on purpose” they all are.

    Mine… not so much 😉
    Old: My grandmother’s necklace
    New: My dress
    Borrowed: A bracelet I bought at Macy’s and planned to return. (and did) hahahaha
    Blue: The day I left Chicago to move back to MD I bought a blue-gemmed ring for my right hand.

  6. kjpugs

    I had them all but it was very not planned. I had some lovely gifts given to me- pug buttons of my pugs from a pug artist I love, as well as a pug hankie that said “bride” in blue… things like that are so meaningful to me and I hope to share the hankie with both my sisters (who are also pug lovers.)

    I LOVE your something blue… that is such a great way to think! Your list is great. I am far too excited about your weddddingggg!

  7. Those are great ‘somethings’! I love that you have a signature scent. I am planning to as well. I’m not sure what my ‘somethings’ will be yet, but I’msure my blue will be my panties or the hand sewn monogram I’m getting in my dress, but unsure of my something borrowed, old…

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