Give A Little Bit of Your Love to Me…

Today’s guest post comes from one of my Twitter friends, Megan.  She blogs over at Every Day Nonsense from a Nonsensical Gal and she is awesome!  I am really excited that she volunteered to post…so with that, take it away, Megan!

First, let me start by saying how super excited I am that Amy is married!! I just know you were a beautiful bride! And thank you so much for letting me guest post!

Just a little bit of “Goo Goo Dolls” to get you in the mood! I’m in a giving spirit today, as I had a huge wake-up call yesterday. Here’s how it all began.

My husband and I are attending a wedding next weekend and I realized that I need shoes to go with my super cute dress I plan to wear. Since I like to procrastinate, I ordered the first pair of shoes that I could of think of that would go great with the dress.


I figured these are multi-functional. I can wear them again for work and they are cute. So yay! Well done Megan!

I was proud of myself. A week before the wedding and I have my outfit planned. Usually I am choosing what to wear the day of. Pat myself on the back!

A few nights later I was doing laundry and while putting my clothes away I noticed, tucked under a pair of pants on the floor, a pair of shoes. These shoes!


I pretty much bought the same pair of shoes! UGH! I know, there are some differences, but there are a lot of similarities as well! No wonder I loved the first pair so much!

At this moment, my husband came upstairs with the box of shoe A to let me know they arrived. He sees shoe B in my hand and said, “Aren’t those almost like the ones you just ordered?” Yup, thank you Captain Obvious!

Now, I know Zappos is super cool and has an awesome return policy. However, I am more mad at myself that (I know this going to sound so selfish, but I’m sorry) I have too many shoes to keep track of. This is not good. My husband said from now on if I buy a pair of shoes, I have to get rid of a pair. I hate to admit this, but I think he is right.

I just didn’t want to throw my shoes away. Some had only been worn a few times. Then, the next day at work, as if the cosmic universe was trying to give me a hint, I saw this post on Fantabulously Frugal.

What an awesome idea!!! I love the idea that I can just donate one shoe if need be (I have a jack Russell terrier; he has a thing for shoes as well). They take any kinds of shoes, running, heels, flip flops. What they don’t use, they recycle by turning into playground equipment! I love this as I am super crazy about recycling. This is a win-win!

This also inspired me to find other organizations to donate too. I have pulled out of my closest some old dresses that are still super cute and plan on donating them to Donate my Dress and some old suits to Dress for Success. Also, any other clothes I find that I haven’t worn in over a year I am going to give to Goodwill. I’m on a mission now!

So, moral of the story? A gal can really never have too many shoes.



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3 responses to “Give A Little Bit of Your Love to Me…

  1. I am NOT showing this post to Josh. No no no. He would so be on board with this (even though I know I’m not nearly as bad as some girls.)

    All joking aside, I think it’s great what you’re doing. I don’t have many old formal dresses, but once I get a good collection going, I’ll definitely donate them.

  2. Nadine

    great ideas — I am in the ‘a-typical’ camp, I can count on two hands how many pairs of shoes I have. I just don’t really give shoes (except for running shoes) a second thought.

  3. Megan, You always have great posts no matter where you post….on the other hand please feel free to donate your shoes to me….Once a shoe whore… a mother 😦 not 😦 for being a mother its a 😦 about the lack of shoes in my closet LOL

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