On Being Judgmental

This morning’s guest post comes Laura of Lucky in Love (and now, The Luckiest in Love).  Laura is a wonderful blog friend of mine who also just recently got married!  It was such a pleasure to follow along on her planning journey and have her follow on mine.  Thanks so much for posting for me, Laura!  Take it away!

Hi! This is Laura from Lucky in Love and now The Luckiest in Love, my post wedding/newlywed blog. I’m honored to be guest posting for Amy while she’s enjoying some time away on her honeymoon – Amy is one of my favorite bride bloggers! I am seriously so excited to see pictures and read about how everything came together on her big day. 

If you followed my wedding blog, it’s pretty obvious that I love weddings. I honestly enjoyed every part of our planning process and I especially loved blogging about it, reading other blogs and finding inspiration from them, and ‘meeting’ other brides. Unfortunately, I think there’s one downside to weddings today being all over the internet – Brides lose sight of the fact that each of those weddings is a celebration of two real people’s relationship. There’s so much judgment and forgetting that the point of a wedding isn’t the pretty pictures, the trendy details, or the hope of being blogged/featured in a magazine.

I’ve always loved crafty things, but I’d never really had a reason to be crafty aside from scrapbooking or making gifts. My wedding was a chance for me to enjoy tons of DIY projects and craft until I was sick of it. I loved that those details reflected my personality and hobbies. My husband, David, and I also decided we wanted to put as little financial burden on my parents as possible and that we didn’t want to go into debt for our wedding. It was our decision as a couple to have a budget wedding for 250+ guests.

Did I love our wedding? You bet I did!! But do I love weddings that have absolutely no DIY projects and cost $30,000? You bet I do! I love that each wedding is a reflection of a loving relationship and exactly what the bride and groom wanted. No bride has any right or reason to think that some detail of another wedding is ‘tacky’ (PLEASE get rid of that word!) just because she chose not to do it. You hate the dollar dance? Don’t do it. You’re convinced a first look is the only way to go? Have one. And let everyone else choose what works for them.

I can’t say that I’ve never made a comment about a picture of someone’s wedding on facebook or one of the weddings on TV (Four Weddings, anyone?), but I’m seriously making an honest effort to get rid of that negativity. The wedding blog/bride blogger network is such a great one – The only thing that would make it better is a huge push to eliminate the judgmental attitude that’s become so popular.

Ok, I’m stepping off my soap box. And I apologize for the lack of pictures! I promise I’m usually a little more exciting. If you’d like, feel free to check out either one (or both!) of my blogs! I’m in the process or finishing my recaps on my wedding blog, and I talk about a whole lot of random stuff – newlywed life, DIY projects, home décor, etc – on my other one.

Thanks, Amy for having me! I’m sure you were an absolutely stunning bride and I know your day was beautiful! Enjoy some quality time and relaxation with your new hubby!



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3 responses to “On Being Judgmental

  1. Totally agree, Laura. I wrote a post about this, too. My position is this: you can have opinions w/o being bitchy. Are there wedding-related things that I just don’t like and would never do? Yes. And I think it’s ok to feel that way. But when it’s taken to a bitchy level, that is definitely NOT ok.

    Great post!

  2. I agree 100%. I think a lot of brides with blogs are hesitant to post elements of their wedding due to the possible impending backlash (anyone remember the BS that went down with poor Fiftyfootbride aka Mrs. Scissors?). Personally, I know I was *very* disappointed in my photogs – they weren’t up to snuff for my standards and our pics aren’t anywhere near as great as most of those you see on other blogs… but that’s not going to stop me from posting my recaps. More than that, I’m certainly not going to let any of the negatives bring me down about our wedding day. It was wonderful. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for letting me guest post, Amy! Hope your honeymoon has been absolutely wonderful! 🙂

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