Top Ten Tips for Saving Money on your Wedding Vendors

This morning’s guest post comes from Ashley over at Bride on a Budget.  Her blog is amazing for keeping your sanity when you’re trying to plan a wedding (and save your budget!).  Thanks so much for posting for me, Ashley!  Here she is with her best money-saving tips:

1. Do your research. The more vendors you look at, the more likely you’re going to find one that you love in your budget.

2. Ask other brides who they used. Go on wedding message boards like The Knot and Project Wedding to find brides in your area. They can give you first hand opinion on who to use and who to avoid.

3. Look in places you wouldn’t normally look. Vendors that are just starting out often post on Craigslist advertising their low prices. Also, check out Weddingbee, where vendors will sometimes give away services for free in exchange for a review.

4. Negotiate. Most vendors are willing to go cheaper than what they originally quoted you. Tell them how much you like their work, but you just can’t afford it. Give them your budget and see what they can provide you with for that amount.

5. Don’t be afraid to use your discounts. A lot of vendors will give discounts to military personnel. Also, some will give discounts for students, teachers, medical professionals, etc. You won’t know unless you ask.

6. Decide what you have to have and what you’re more flexible on. This will allow vendors to be more flexible and give you more for your money.

7. Use friends and family members who have talents. If you have a friend who is a fantastic musician, ask if they’re perform at your wedding ceremony. If your uncle owns a restaurant, see if he’ll cater for a discounted price.

8. Branch out from traditional wedding vendors. Just because a vendor doesn’t have wedding in front of their title doesn’t mean they aren’t just as good. A lot of photographers who do mostly family shoots will also do weddings on the side. And florists who don’t often do wedding bouquets could still make a gorgeous one for you. Meet with them and see if you like their style and ideas.

9. Have your wedding in an off-season. A lot of vendors will give discounts during their less busy parts of the year. They don’t get as much business in December as they do in June, so they’re willing to book you for cheaper because some money is better than no money.

10. Have your wedding on an off day. If you really have you heart set on having a wedding in June, but can’t afford it, look into having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Less people get married on those days and wedding vendors love the extra business.

Now that you’ve heard my top tips for saving money on your wedding vendors, feel free to share your own tips with us. What did you do to save money?


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  1. My best money-saver was having one GREAT vendor who had tons of vendors to recommend who were cheap and WONDERFUL!

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