Why Consider Sending Email Wedding Invitations?

And with this post, we’re wrapping up the week of guest posts.  I’d like to thank everyone who posted for me—you guys are amazing!  I’ll be back next week to regale you with stories of our wedding and honeymoon (oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re married!).  In the meantime, we’re going to finish up this week with a guest post written by the founder of Glö.  Guys, this is such a neat idea.  So, without further ado, here is Taryn Westberg with a post about online wedding invitations!

I receive lots of questions from couples who ask: “Are email wedding invitations an appropriate option for my celebration?” Now I am a little biased, but I think email wedding invitations are a smart, savvy and sophisticated choice! My husband and I sent email wedding invitations for our own wedding in 2007 (supplemented with 5 simple paper invitations for our older relatives.) Our guests loved them and they made wedding planning SO much easier for me.

Based on my own experiences, plus feedback from the modern-minded couples who are using Glö  to send their invites online, here are some of the key benefits I can rave about:

1) They save LOTs of time!

Let’s face it – you are busy! It’s not like work, your social life or other activities simply dissolve because you’re planning a wedding. Think about the time it takes to address envelopes and stuff them (not to mention sticking stamps.) Also, I found that it was WAY easier to collect my guests’ email addresses, as opposed to their snail mail addresses. I had most of the emails to begin with, and I haven’t collected mailing addresses in a book since my summer camp days.


2) They save trees

Now I don’t know exactly how many trees it takes for all the world’s couples to get married each year, but between wedding cards, envelopes, RSVP cards, RSVP envelopes, and anything else stuffed inside envelopes – It’s a lot! Yikes! If trees could talk, they’d probably say, “Come lie in my shade and have a cuddle with your honey.” And probably not, “Cut me down and mail me out so that someone can throw me away.”

3) They save your budget

The postage alone for 150 invitations and RSVP reply cards costs around US $150. Plus the average couple in the US spends between US$650-850 on the actual invitations. That’s a lot of budget that could go towards food, wine and music.


4) They offer instant RSVP Gratification

The thing we loved the most about sending wedding invites by email was that we could instantly see who had opened them and who had RSVPed. The night we sent our invitations, we stayed up until 3am refreshing the site and high-fiving one another with happiness at each ‘YES!’ response.

5) They are convenient for your guests

One thing I hear over and over from Glö couples is how much their guests have loved receiving email invitations and RSVPing online. With email wedding invitations and a wedding website, guests have all the information they need at their fingertips and can easily RSVP for themselves and anyone else in their party. Plus they can access the information at any time on a computer or smart phone, or they can decide whether to print anything out and stick it on the wall or carry it with them.


Email wedding invitations aren’t right for every couple, but they definitely make a statement. They say, “we’re modern, smart and savvy and I care about making my wedding fun and easy for my guests to attend.”

I am constantly amazed at how each Glö-couple’s personality shines through in their email wedding invitations and wedding website designs. For some inspiration – check out the real Glö-bie posts on glo-bride.com.

About Taryn:  Taryn is the founder of Glö, where she works to provide modern-minded couples with personalized online wedding communications — from email invitations and save the dates, to wedding websites with online RSVPs. Learn more about Glö at www.glosite.com or follow Taryn and her staff on Twitter @GloWedding.

*Editor’s Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this post…I just think that the staff at Glö is really awesome and this is such a great idea!  Mmmkay?  Mmmk.  [I’m lookin’ at you, FCC!]


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