The Very Last Project…

Our Favors!

So, I was a bad blogger and in the crazy week leading up to the wedding, I must have misplaced the photos I took of our favor-filling process.  If you’ll remember, we decided to give popcorn favors!  Lucky you, though, I was smart enough to take a video, so you get to hear my voice and see me looking less than stellar (Dudes, I was tired.  Forgive me.).  So, here’s a quick peek at us putting together our favors!  Shout out to my sister and my bridesmaid Beezus for helping me with these. 

And here’s what they looked like on the tables:

Our guests loved them and they were a huge hit.  It only took about 3 hours to get everything put together, so it was definitely worth the effort!

Did you or are you DIYing your favors?

(All photo/video by me, friends, or family).



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11 responses to “The Very Last Project…

  1. I can’t view the video here at work (will try later), but they looked great on the table! The table setup looked great! 🙂

    We’re planning to DIY our cd favors a little. I just need to customize th labels for the cd’s, make a cute ribbon and secure it with a monogrammed sticker/label. It’s not totally DIY but some I suppose 🙂

  2. Aaaahhhh you are SO CUTE! Your accent is adorable 🙂 Love the popcorn favors. I would scarf that shit down before dinner for SURE.

  3. Love these! They seem simple and practical. Everyone loves popcorn!

  4. Dad

    What accent? We live in the northern part of the US and that is how we speak. The wedding was frikin awesome and people can’t stop talking about it. Everyone thought the food was fantastic as well as the ceremony, venue and couple. It was fantastic. Table number 7 (all the parents friends from different parts of the state) want to have a table #7 reunion. How good is that!

  5. 1. LOVE how they turned out and how they look on the table!
    2. Love that your dad reads your blog and commented!
    3. Love how you say ‘bag’ – 🙂

  6. Abby

    You are too cute! 🙂 The popcorn favors are awesome…I’m pretty sure mine would have been gone before dinner! (Also…I do not detect an accent…however, I just might not notice it because I probably have the same “accent”!)

  7. LOL I love how you say BAG!!! You are so so stinkin adorable! And cute favors!

  8. They look great. A great idea and easy diy idea for a favor.

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