Wedding Rewind: Gifts for the Dudes, II

So, before I delve into recaps of our honeymoon, I want to go back and post a few things I didn’t get a chance to post before the wedding.  You already saw my vlog from last week about our favors, but I never posted the rest of the gifts for our wedding party!  Today, the Dudes!

Brad and Amy's Wedding 10-09-10 037So dapper!  (Photo by my FIL)

If you’ll remember, I made each guy a survival kit to use on the day of the wedding.  In hindsight, I should have included shoelaces in this kit (a story I’ll regale you with another time—needless to say, there is a groomsmen missing in the above photo!!!!). But that’s not the only thing we gifted our guys! 

First, a special gift for our 5 groomsmen:  here in Milwaukee, we have an MLB team you might have heard of…the Milwaukee Brewers.  And we have a little tradition at our ballpark called the Racing Sausages:


5 groomsmen, 5 racing sausages.  Coincidence?  I think not.  So we got each of them a racing sausage t-shirt!

Menus, etc 014 

Here’s what they look like on the front and back:

Menus, etc 013  Front

Menus, etc 012

Next, we got each guy (including our ushers now) these awesome beer glasses:

Menus, etc 015

I originally heard of these through the totally fabulous Mrs. French Fries and thought they would be a great gift for our dudes.  Each one has a different mustache, and we got them personalized with each guy’s nickname:

Menus, etc 016

Menus, etc 017
This one was for our “Chief Usher” (and a blog reader!), my best guy friend TD.  They’re from the Etsy shop Jack Glass Studios
He was amaze-balls to work with and I highly recommend them!

Dr. Groomy also picked up a special gift for the guys when he was at his barber shop.  Ladies, I did NOT have anything to do with this one:

Menus, etc 019 
Yes, that would be a product called Fresh Balls.  Yes, it’s for what you think it’s for.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Lastly, we got each guy their favorite hard liquor.  Hey, we’re nothing if not realists and we knew they would love it!  Here are their gifts all together:

Menus, etc 018

We had all these gifts picked out and wrapped up pretty early, so we didn’t have to worry about that the week of the wedding.  I definitely recommend planning ahead, as it was one less thing for me to worry about! 

Stay tuned tomorrow when I recap what I got my girls.  Until then, tell me: What did you get your groomsmen & ushers?  If you’re not married yet, have you thought about what you might gift them?

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted.



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7 responses to “Wedding Rewind: Gifts for the Dudes, II

  1. Jennifer

    The things I learn from reading your blog. Fresh balls. *snickers*

  2. Love those gifts!! We did tshirts and beer mugs, too 🙂 The Fresh Balls though…wow.

  3. Good to see those gifts. As per my thinking one valid way to show appreciation towards groomsmen is by giving gifts.

  4. TD

    I gave my Fresh Balls bottle to the homeless guy that almost crashed your ceremony. Almost.

  5. Yayyyyyyyy! 🙂 That’s so awesome you got the personalized glasses from Jack Glass! Our groomsmen loved them — I’m sure yours did, too. You picked out great groomsmen gifts!

  6. LOL @ TD.

    We’re not sure what we’ll be getting our groomsmen yet…except the fact that Mr. Puppy Love will be making personalized tennis shoes for them all to wear the day of. 🙂

  7. LOL fresh balls? That’s hilarious. The glasses are such a great idea! Very cute! I’m sure they loved their gifts!

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