The San Francisco Chronicles, II

*Editor’s Note:  I apologize that posting has been so light this week.  I have been super swamped/stressed at work, so much so that by the time I get home, all I want to do is zone out.  Luckily, I wrapped my big project yesterday so regular posting will resume next week.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We wake up from our nap feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another San Francisco adventure:  what should we have for dinner?  After perusing our guidebook, we decide to head to North Beach and check out some of the cool bars and restaurants there.

First stop, Vesuvio.  Easily, one of the coolest bars we’ve ever walked into!  A headquarters for the Beat generation, it serves up some wicked beers.  Dr. Groomy and I love beer (you might say we’re a couple of connoisseurs, much like my friend KJPugs).  We sit in the balcony, looking down over the bar where the likes of Jack Keroac & Allen Ginsberg once hung out, and watch the baseball playoffs, enjoying our drinks.  I make Dr. Groomy take an obligatory wedding-ring-honeymoon-shot.  What, like you all didn’t make your husbands do that too!

San Francisco Pictures 003 
We finish up our drinks and head next door to City Lights Booksellers.  This place is a city landmark and I easily fall prey to the rows and rows of books.  I love bookstores and books—the touch, feel and smell of the paper, the quiet and reverent way the patrons sneak down the rows and past the shelves…I tell Dr. Groomy we have to leave or I could spend hours here.  He promises me a return visit on another day.

We head out of the bookstore and wander around North Beach, where it’s true what the guidebooks say:  there really ARE restaurant hawkers who stand outside the many bistros & cafes and try to lure you in with their menus.  We have a tough time deciding where to eat, but eventually settle in at a little Italian bistro known for their gnocchi called Colosseo—hey, we are in North Beach after all!  (It’s known as San Francisco’s Little Italy). 

San Francisco Pictures 034

I destroy a plate of gorgonzola gnocchi and discover that those guidebooks are right…it is divine. 

San Francisco Pictures 021

We share a bottle of wine with dinner and then a few more drinks as we sit at the bar later on and watch Brett Favre & the Minnesota Vikings lose on Monday Night Football (what a great wedding present for this Green Bay Packers fan!  Thanks, Brett…douche.).  Afterwards, we walk back to our hotel tipsy but satisfied, ready for yet another exciting day in San Francisco!

To be continued…

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6 responses to “The San Francisco Chronicles, II

  1. Yummmm! I just had lunch and that picture of your gnocchi is making me hungry! And I’m with you about bookstores — I could spend hours browsing (I love to look for books with “interesting” spines when I’m walking around!).

  2. Mmmm that gnocchi looks so good! One of my favorite parts of the honeymoon was all the FOOD!

  3. stephanie

    i don’t identify with the honeymoon hand photo but i do identify with the honeymoon drinking, lol (that WOULD be my comment, wouldn’t it ? ) I love these photos, amy, you look beautiful, and your nails look beautiful too.

    Also love City lights and Vesuvio, once upon a time I was in CA and I was so young I still cared about beat poetry, and I went there and marveled and felt like i’d been to some young angsty mecca. ah, them were the days.


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  5. I love that I got the beer connoisseur shout out!!! YUM BEER!!!! And omg that gnocchi looks TO DIE FOR. I wish I had realized I liked gnocchi when I was in Italy. WAH!

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