The Napa Valley Chronicles

Hi guys!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  This is the final installment of our honeymoon recap, because guess what?!  Our wedding photos are almost ready! Our site launched and I am just waiting for the CD before I start recaps.  We love the photos and I am so excited to share them with you.  Give me a few days to get things organized and then expect a TON of wedding porn around these parts!  So without further ado, here is the rest of our honeymoon.  After spending three days in San Fran, we spent another three days in Napa and had a fabulous time!  These photos are mostly scenery, because let’s face it, Napa is mostly fabulous scenery.  And wine…lots and lots of wine!

San Francisco Part 2 035
My favorite photo of the entire trip.  I love how it captures the essence of Napa!

San Francisco Part 2 033
Re-seeding the fields near Domaine Carneros

San Francisco Part 2 034

San Francisco Part 2 061
Happy cows do NOT come from California, thank you very much.  They come from WISCONSIN!!!

San Francisco Part 2 054

San Francisco Part 2 037
Our tour guide, Tom, at Domaine Carneros.  He’s been doing this for 30 years!

San Francisco Part 2 043

San Francisco Part 2 044
Always drink your wine with your pinky out!

San Francisco Part 2 045

San Francisco Part 2 052
Picnic lunch at V. Sattui Winery

San Francisco Part 2 055
In front of Michael Chiarello’s restaurant! 
Sadly, we didn’t eat there, but I LOVE HIM.

San Francisco Part 2 057
And so, the sun sets on our honeymoon! 

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6 responses to “The Napa Valley Chronicles

  1. Ohh Napa…I wish I was still there 🙂 Lovely pics! I especially like the first and last ones.

    I’m looking forward to your recaps!

  2. While all of the photos are beautiful, you should definitely print and frame that first one — it’s gorgeous!!! (btw, can’t wait for your recaps to begin!)

  3. stephanie

    oh man your WEDDING SHOES.

  4. Also LOVE Michael Chiarello although he was a tad too cocky in Top Chef Masters. And THIS LOOKS LIKE AN AAMMMAZZZZZINNNGGG time… I want to go!

  5. That’s it. I’m planning a trip to Napa RIGHT NOW! Ok not right this second, but I really, really want to go!!

  6. Looked SO nice! Glad you had a nice time! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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